Sex underwear Shop Shanghai

Sex underwear Shop Shanghai

Quota underwear Shop Shanghai: Visit the status quo of the market

Shanghai is a frontier city with a large number of sexy underwear shops.This market not only contains traditional sexy lace, but also covers modern sexy culture, which has promoted the continuous development of sex culture to a certain extent.

Main sales method

Interesting underwear stores mainly sell underwear through the following ways: physical store sales, online store sales, online and offline integration sales.Among them, the sales of physical stores occupy the main proportion, but the development of online and offline integration sales has become increasingly valued.

Customer groups

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Interest underwear has gradually become part of the daily life of modern urban women, and there are quite a lot of market share among some bold men.Not only that, due to the variety of sexy underwear, women suitable for all kinds of figures and ages can find underwear that suits them here.

Brand influence

Foreign sex lingerie brands have also received high attention and recognition in China, including Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla and other brands.In China, the influence of some local erotic underwear brands is also expanding.

Price positioning

The price of sex underwear is slightly higher than the average underwear.Good quality and sexy underwear are expensive, but there are also some products with excellent quality and moderate price.In different series of underwear of the same brand, the price is quite different.

Product Category

The types of sexy underwear are also increasingly diversified. In addition to traditional sexy lace, there are also role -playing clothes, SM tuning props, game props, etc.For some customers with special preferences, the store can also make customized services according to the requirements.

Quality Assurance

Good erotic underwear requires high quality, not only requires good sweat absorption and breathability, but also requires antibacterial, bacteriostatic, odor, anti -static, anti -wrinkle and other functions.Interest underwear stores will also select and screen goods according to the needs of different customers to ensure quality.


Business opportunity analysis

The business model of sexy underwear stores is relatively stable, the product types are relatively fixed, but innovation is still essential.Due to the current number of sexy underwear stores, the market competition is fierce.The store can start from multiple aspects such as site selection, promotion, quality, service and other aspects.

Industry future trend

As society gradually opens up and sexual concepts are gradually lifted, the sexy underwear market is expected to continue to grow.With the improvement of quality and the improvement of personalized levels, the scale of the future sex underwear market will be further expanded.


The above is the discussion of the status quo of the market.With the changes in the times and the improvement of individual needs, the interesting lingerie stores have great development potential in the future. At the same time, the store also needs to continue to seek innovation and breakthroughs, and get its own place in this market.