Sexy lingerie English translation

Sexy lingerie English translation

Sexy lingerie English translation

In the field of sexy underwear, different languages are very different, especially in English. Due to cultural differences, many common vocabulary in Chinese cannot be literalized into English.Therefore, it is particularly important to sell sexy lingerie in the multinational market, and the correct English vocabulary choice is particularly important.Below, this article will introduce some common English vocabulary and meaning of sexy underwear in order to better publicize and sell sexy underwear in overseas markets.

1. Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear refers to the style of underwear that focuses on showing women’s body curves and their sexy charm.Sexy underwear usually uses shiny materials. When designing, it focuses on the combination of curves and perspectives to highlight the beauty and charming of women’s figure.

2. Uniform Temptation

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The temptation of uniforms is used to describe the temptation effect of women when wearing professional clothes or specific industries, such as stewardess, police, nurses, students, etc.This type of sexy underwear usually has the characteristics of specific professional dressing, and shows the charm of this specific profession through design methods.

3. Lace lingerie

The design of lace underwear is mainly material such as lace yarn, perspective net eye.Lace underwear pays attention to the soft lines, focusing on details and cutting lightness, and can perfectly shape the female body curve.

4. Thong Lingerie

There are only three points of three -point underwear that cover the female body: bra, small -binding pants and T -shaped backs to show the sexy and noble of women’s body tough guys.This underwear is usually made of lace or Mesh fabric, which is suitable for women with beautiful body and smooth skin.

5. Perspective underwear (Sheer Lingerie)

Perspective underwear refers to more attention to perspective design, or high material transparency, and show more women’s body curves.The use of this underwear and versatile yarn is very clever, which can overflow the charming atmosphere of women, but not too high -profile and vulgar.

6. Charm (Charm)

Charm is synonymous with sexy lingerie tough guys, which is popular because of its unique design and sexy sexy style.It focuses on simple and generous design, using complex patterns such as triangle and heart shape to present charm. Some sexy bellybands also pay attention to texture, such as leather and fluorescent materials, making it more noble and luxurious.

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7. Suspenders (Suspenders)

Sexy straps decorate women’s waist and hip area, which is a very sexy underwear type.Its design changes are diverse and can bring another visual experience, which is a major choice in the sex underwear industry.

8. Lingerie Set

Underwear suits are a full -style and changeable sexy underwear type, usually consisting of underwear, safety pants and suspenders.This sexy underwear focuses on coordination and integrity, and each component is very delicate and noble.

9. Wedding underwear (Bridal Lingerie)

Wedding underwear is an underwear worn by women on the wedding day. Due to the use and occasion, the styles will be different.The design of the wedding underwear is inspired by the wedding, with white as the main color, usually with a relatively elegant and elegant design style.Some wedding underwear will also add elements such as lace, perspective mesh to make the bride look more beautiful.

10. Adult products (Adult Products)

Adult products refer to one type of sex, including sexy underwear, sex products, condoms, etc.The purpose of this sexual supplies is very clear, and it is generally not recommended to use minors.


Interest underwear can help women show their sexy side and add interest of life.The choice of English vocabulary is also very important. It is necessary to choose suitable words according to the target market to better promote and promote sexy lingerie.