Sexy underwear all styles of pictures appreciation

Sexy underwear all styles of pictures appreciation

1. European and American style of sexy underwear

European and American style underwear has gained a large market with its retro design and rich colors.This kind of sexy underwear usually uses hollow, lace and other elements, with the design of the edible body, emphasizing the curve beauty of women’s figure and highlighting sexy.At the same time, there are some strange designs, such as connecting underwear and pants into one, and using playful tailoring to increase the sexyness of women.

2. Perspective sexy underwear

Permaneous sexy underwear is a very tempting underwear.It uses noble materials, such as silk and lace.This sexy underwear often adds beads, rhinestones and other decorations on lace, emphasizing the charm of women.The perspective design of the underwear will properly expose some skin to add points to sexy.

3. Stockings sexy underwear

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Stockings sexy underwear is often equipped with lace, which is designed to seek balance between sexy and independence.The design of stockings on the thigh also adds a certain degree of mystery to this sexy underwear.

4. Water drops sexy underwear

Drop -type sexy underwear is a kind of sexy interpretation of women.This kind of sexy underwear adopts various fine design, such as the design of Gaoto, etc., which greatly enhances the beauty and plumpness of the chest lines, and strengthens the sexy charm of women.


The design of the band sexy lingerie is to expose the back and shoulders to highlight the details of the back curve and shoulders.This kind of sexy underwear is most commonly made of lace and breathable material, which can be used to create a charming and tempting atmosphere with various perfumes and cosmetics.

6. Stroke sexy underwear

The strap -type erotic underwear adopts strap design, emphasizing the curve of women, making the chest and waist form a beautiful line and liquidity, which is very suitable for sexy parties.From a frontal perspective, the underwear looks like a triangle, but the side has a stretching effect, making the size adapting to more chest shapes.

7. Ultra -thin messy sheet

Ultra -thin sex underwear usually uses slender fabrics, such as satin or transparent material, which is very light.The design of this underwear is to fully wrap the woman’s body, but the texture is so light, and the lines that put on the body will never be oppressed.At the same time, ultra -thin sex underwear is also one of the very comfortable underwear.



Jumping eggs and sexy underwear are to add micro -jump eggs into sexy underwear, which can be controlled online to achieve the role of massage and stimulating the body.The materials and styles of jumping eggs are different. You can choose different jumping eggs sexy underwear according to different needs.

9. Silk erotic underwear

Silk erotic underwear is gorgeous and soft, and it will make people feel very comfortable and sexy.This kind of sexy underwear can also be modified, such as beads and crystals.Silk erotic underwear is a trend of popularity, both aesthetic or texture.

10. Fake two -piece sexy underwear

Fake two -piece sexy underwear is to combine the underwear and skirts into one.This sexy underwear is mainly mixed -matching style. Most of the underwear is decorated with lace fabric and lace, and the skirt has a variety of patterns and patterns.Compared with traditional sexy underwear, fake two -style sexy underwear can make people feel different fashion senses.

In general, sexy underwear can not only add sexy charm of women, but also enhance women’s self -confidence.Different styles of sexy underwear have their own characteristics and advantages, so women can choose according to their needs and preferences when choosing underwear.Put on the right sexy underwear to make women fully show their unique charm.