Sexy underwear buyer show collection

Sexy underwear buyer show collection

Sexy underwear buyer show collection


As a special costume, sexy underwear has always been sought after by women.However, choosing sexy underwear in the mall always feels that the sexy underwear on the model is more beautiful, but you can’t wear that kind of rush when you buy it.So, take a look at some sexy underwear shows from buyers, I believe it can provide you with some inspiration.

Black red lips sexy underwear

This black red lips sexy underwear is designed with pure black, with red lips smiling patterns to show the sexy of women.The buyer uses high heels and black stockings in the show, which highlights the sexy temperament.

Sexy Cat Ears Head Wear – 7653 sexy jelly sexy underwear is a classic sexy lingerie style.This erotic underwear reduces the use of fabrics, highlighting the feeling and sexy, and it works better with socks and tulle jackets.

Hollow dazzle

This fully transparent hollow sexy underwear is especially suitable for fair skin.The buyer’s show will be paired with black underwear. This contrast magnification can better highlight the design of the design of sexy underwear.

Retro sexy underwear

This retro -flavored erotic underwear, a photo of a black and white background, can better highlight its style.Buyer show shows the colorful side with a horseshoe -shaped hat and long black stockings.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear has always been a style that women like.At the same time, this black -red lip lace erotic underwear shows women’s sexy through the creative design of the upper body. While the lower body has cute lace decorations, it looks cute while sexy.Buyers can try with high heels or boots when matching.

Gear erotic underwear

Plus Babydolls

This black gear erotic underwear is very special.The buyer’s matching is very amazing. She is matched with over -knee boots and effects to magnify the glasses, so that the entire matching is more sexy and charm, and further emphasizes the importance of the matching of sexy underwear and accessories.

Leather sexy underwear

Templromes are very popular on the Internet.The matching of this leather -interested underwear buyer show is very sporty. Although the matching is not gorgeous, it has found a certain balance between sexy and sports.

Student uniform sexy underwear

The theme of students’ uniforms of sexy underwear is very, very popular.There are two sets of photos of this show, one consisting of gray school uniforms and black corsets, and the other is composed of sleeveless school uniforms and white shorts.When matching this sexy underwear, it is best to bring accessories such as white socks and small bows to make people feel innocent and charming.

Switching sexy underwear

This splicing sexy underwear uses the method of aggravating fabrics, which reflects the slightly heavy feeling, especially suitable for large size women.Stitching design can effectively modify the imperfect body and get the best plasticity.Buyers are better with white transparent robes.

Semi -transparent sexy underwear

This fashionable semi -transparent design is the first choice for fashionable women.The buyer paired with tassel and buckle straps for this black transparent erotic underwear, which is simply ingenious.You can try to add high heels or boots when matching.


All in all, choosing a suitable sexy underwear and correctly combining is a way to increase femininity.I hope that these sexy underwear buyer Xiu can bring some inspiration to you, making you more confidently show your charm.