Sexy underwear Maid Anime Losses

Sexy underwear Maid Anime Losses


For sexy underwear, the most representative is the maid dress.The maid’s clothing in Japan has become a cultural symbol, which is highly sought after by anime enthusiasts and enthusiasts.This article has collected some maid outfit atlas in anime for everyone to enjoy it together.

ONE: "Black Pacific"

As an anime with European culture as the background, the maid in "Black Counterfeit" naturally does not need to say more. From mini skirts to socks, and even gloves, they are so charming.In the anime, the maids are responsible for the full -scale housekeeper service, transformed into one of the guardians of hell marks, and dedicated themselves to the owner, and can be called a classic.

TWO: "Re: Life from Different World from Zero"

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In this anime with a different world as the background, the heroine Ai Milia appeared in a maid dress with a white -bottomed powder.This maid dress is not only cute, but also has a certain combat effectiveness. It can be said that it successfully combines sexy underwear and inspirational plots.

Three: "Idol Master"

In this anime with the theme of idols, the heroine Ju Di really wore a black maid dress, leaving a deep impression on the audience.Although there are only a few minutes of performance, it is enough to keep people remembering her popular charm.

Four: "Princess Lovers"

All kinds of maid costumes in this anime, even cat maid costumes, make the audience dizzy.The most impressive of these is the black maid costume, plus the golden camisole and velvet stitching collars, which are very elegant.

FIVE: "The Situment"

In this animation created by well -known Japanese cartoonist Runwu, Lobo Solma appeared in a pink maid dress.With long socks and lace gloves, she has both cuteness and sexy.

SIX: "The Dragon Maid of the Kobayashi Family"

The protagonist of this anime Xiaolin family has a maid from the Dragon, wearing a unique maid dress unique to the Dragon tribe.This maid costume can not only change with her, but also has a lot of practical functions, such as fire injection, egg production, etc., which is very interesting.

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Seven: "Macross Fortress Δ"

In this anime with robotics as the protagonist, the heroine’s maid dress appeared in the virtual reality in the 5th episode.Wearing a purple maid dress and a heart -shaped headgear, very cute.

Eight: "Fate/Grand Order: First Order"

As the game adaptation of the All -Star lineup in the industry, the appearance of maid costumes is naturally indispensable.Among them, the female lead played by Li Shuwen was quite eye -catching.

Nine: "Sword Art Online"

In a virtual world combined with games and reality, the image of the characters is naturally diverse.Among them, Yasna in the second season appeared in a black and white maid dress, which made people a golden sword.

TEN: "Magic Forbidden Book Catalog"

In this magic -themed anime, the heroine Misaka Misaka is wearing a blue and black maid costume, which brings an inexplicable sense of mystery.Above the jacket, wearing a cute earrings, the whole maid dress feels quite comfortable.


Through the maid anime atlas in the above anime, it is not difficult to see that the maid costume has successfully penetrated into various anime works, becoming an indispensable part of anime culture.The maid costume can not only create a cute and pleasant atmosphere, but also in line with the law of sexy underwear -sexy and restrained.I hope that whether you are anime enthusiast or a love enthusiast, you can find the maid costume that suits you best to make yourself more charming.