Somework for sex underwear manufacturers

Somework for sex underwear manufacturers

Background introduction

The erotic underwear industry is a huge market. With the enhancement of female sexual autonomy, the sexy underwear market has also attracted more and more attention from consumers.In this market, there is a huge manufacturer -Journelle.

Journelle overview

Journelle was founded in 2007, headquartered in New York, USA. It is a manufacturer of high -end, luxurious and sexy underwear.In Journelle, you can find a variety of sexy lingerie styles. From the traditional LACE Bra to the sexy Push-up Bra, all kinds of styles are everything.

Brand characteristics

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Journelle’s sexy underwear does not pursue the perfection of the body. On the contrary, they emphasize that they can meet the inner needs of women, so that they can feel self -confidence and sexy after wearing sexy underwear.This brand characteristics have made Journelle have been widely recognized and praised in the market.

Production Process

Journelle’s control of the production process is very strict, and all the sexy underwear must be made through multiple processes.From the choice of fabrics to cutting seams, there is a complete set of systematic processes to ensure that each sexy underwear can meet the high standards of the brand.

Fabric material

Journelle chose high -quality, non -irritating, soft and comfortable fabrics, such as pure cotton, silk, lace, etc., to ensure that women in sexy underwear do not have any discomfort.

Professional designer team

In addition to high -quality fabrics, it is the professional designer team that allows Journelle’s sexy underwear to become a leader in the market.Not only do they know how to design fashionable and sexy sexy underwear, but they can also find the size of the most suitable for women, so that each woman can get the best dressing experience.

Market influence

Journelle’s influence in the current market is also very great.Their sexy underwear is not only very popular in the United States, but also has been widely recognized in overseas markets.Journelle’s sexy underwear has considerable strength in terms of brand value and sales.


Social responsibility

Journelle focuses on their social responsibility. While production of sexy underwear, they also pay attention to the protection of the production environment. The materials used are also friendly to the environment.In addition, Journelle also supports charity organizations for women and children.

Future vision

In the future, Journelle will continue to bring consumers with higher quality, fashionable, comfortable sexy underwear, so that women feel confident and sexy when wearing Journelle’s sexy underwear.


Journelle is one of the largest sexy underwear manufacturers in the current market. They produce a variety of excellent sexy underwear with high -quality fabrics and superb production techniques.The sexy underwear that is most suitable for figure can be called the leadership of the sexy underwear industry.