Song Dynasty scholar’s daily erotic lingerie

Song Dynasty scholar's daily erotic lingerie

Song Dynasty scholar’s daily erotic lingerie

The Song Dynasty was one of the important periods for the development of ancient Chinese culture.In the Song Dynasty, the scholars not only focused on cultivating their internal and external kung fu, but also paying attention to their daily taste. Among them, affectionate underwear is also a very important part.

The choice and design of the fabric knows the fabric

The scholars of the Song Dynasty were very particular about the choice of fabrics. They often chose some soft and comfortable materials, such as satin and cotton.At the same time, the design also has its own characteristics. It mostly uses elegant colors such as red, pink, and purple, with gold and silver embroidery and exquisite flower and bird patterns, which are very luxurious and exquisite.

Why is there such a sexy underwear

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The daily life of scholars in the Song Dynasty was very closed. There were not many ways to entertain. Most of their lives spent at home, so they were very concerned about women’s body and beauty.In such a social background, sexy underwear came into being.

Scholars who collect sexy underwear

The scholars in the Song Dynasty collected sexy underwear is not a strange thing.Many scholars will collect some fun underwear to enjoy, and even give them all.Although these sexy underwear is not publicly displayed, it also represents a symbol of identity.

Sending underwear wearing occasions

Most of the scholars in the Song Dynasty wearing sexy underwear were at home or private banquets.They believe that this is a way of enjoying and expressing aesthetics, and pays great attention to privacy and confidentiality.

The influence of sexy underwear on the scholar genre

The scholar culture of the Song Dynasty was a very distinctive period, and the difference between the genres was very large.Some genre doctors like to wear exquisite sexy underwear to express their aesthetic concepts, which has also become one of the characteristics of some genres.

Sex under gender concepts

The gender concept of feudal society in the Song Dynasty was very strict, and the popularity of sexy underwear was also produced in this context.Sexy underwear is usually just regarded as a female jewelry, and men wearing sexy underwear is considered a strange behavior.


The popularity and inheritance of sexy underwear

With the change of the times and the progress of society, the popularity of sexy underwear has gradually declined.However, some collectors and cultural enthusiasts still retain the heritage of these historical and culture and are committed to inherit and protect this cultural form.

The impact of sexy underwear on contemporary culture

Although sexy underwear is no longer popular in the Song Dynasty, its influence has never disappeared.In recent years, with the gradual opening of social concepts and the continuous development of aesthetic concepts, sexy underwear has been attracted by people again.


Although the scholars’ sexy underwear culture has passed, its influence has never disappeared.People inherit and protect the history of history not only respect for traditional culture, but also the improvement of our own cultural cognition.I hope that the sexy underwear culture can get a better understanding and inheritance.