Star Liu Yan wears fun underwear

Star Liu Yan wears fun underwear

Star Liu Yan’s sexy underwear style

As a well -known actress in the Chinese entertainment industry, Liu Yan often wore a variety of sexy underwear in the show, which attracted the attention of many people.Today, let’s take a look at Liu Yan’s sexy underwear.

Sexy lace style

In Liu Yan’s sexy underwear, it is not difficult to find many sexy lace styles.These styles are not only elegant, but also sexy, and perfectly show the beautiful posture of women.

Crotchless Sheer Panythose – Black – 7305

Minimal black and white tone

Compared with lace styles, Liu Yan’s sexy underwear has a lot of simple black and white tones.These simple hue will not be too publicized and can highlight the beautiful curve of the figure.

Design of corset lines

In Liu Yan’s sexy underwear, it is not difficult to find many styles that emphasize corset line design.Compared to ordinary underwear, sexy underwear highlights the chest line, emphasizes the beauty of the chest shape, and makes women’s figure more perfect.

High waist pants

In Liu Yan’s erotic underwear, there are many styles with high -waisted pants.The high waist design can modify the waist curve of the wearer to prevent the outside of the belly from convex, and the design of the thong can better show the hip lines of women.


Tibetan erotic underwear can better highlight the shoulder lines and chest lines, showing the slender figure of women.Liu Yan’s suspenders’ sexy underwear is more characteristic and beautiful, perfectly showing the beauty of women.

Color choice


The choice of colors is also an essential part of sexy underwear. They can perfectly enhance women’s personality and style.Liu Yan’s sexy underwear style often uses dark -colored styles, such as red, black, purple and so on.These colors are both enthusiastic and mysterious.

Join of popular elements

The addition of popular elements is also a feature of Liu Yan’s sexy underwear.In Liu Yan’s sexy underwear, we can see many styles with elements such as tassels, pearls, lace.The addition of these details has greatly enhanced the overall shape.

Use of wearing skills

In general, Liu Yan’s sexy underwear is still skillful.For ordinary women, you can also learn from these techniques to create personalized sexy underwear shapes according to your own figure and characteristics.

You can create a unique style through the matching of accessories, color matching, and line design, and show your beauty and sexy.


In this article, we analyzed Liu Yan’s sexy underwear from multiple angles, and we can also see the diversified and development trend of sexy underwear design.Whether it is a beautiful lace style or a simple black and white tone, and the addition of various popular elements, it shows the new meaning and creativity of sexy underwear.As mentioned above, women should pay particular attention to the design and matching of details when wearing sexy underwear in order to truly show their beauty and sexy.