Taobao Record Buying Welling Underwear Record


Interesting underwear, as a product that focuses on sexual experience, is highly sought after in the market.With the development of Internet technology, many people have begun to buy sexy underwear on Taobao, which has become the main advantage of Taobao sex underwear transactions.

The first time I buy sexy sheets

When I first bought sexy underwear on Taobao, I chose the simplest vest because I was unfamiliar with the size. The price was cheap and it would not be too exposed.However, after receiving the product, I found that the size is not very suitable, and the quality and feel of the vest also disappointed me.

Find a style that suits you

With the experience of the first purchase, I started to understand and compare sexy underwear of different styles.On Taobao, there are many kinds of sexy underwear to choose from, such as bra, conjoined, hollowed out, and so on.I started to find a style that suits me slowly.

Follow the fabric and quality

After many purchases, I found that different erotic lingerie materials and quality are also important factor affecting the purchase experience.Different fabric feel and texture of cotton, lace, polyester fibers are different, and the quality of the fabric directly affects the comfort and durability of the underwear.

Focus on size issues

The size problem is one aspect that cannot be ignored in buying sexy underwear, because the size of different brands may be different. Inappropriate size choices will affect comfort, and may even cause some health problems.Therefore, you must pay attention to the information of the brand and the size table when buying.

Brand choice is important

Brand is one of the factors that need to be focused on when buying sexy underwear.Almost all the sexy underwear of regular brands has been strictly inspected and certified, so the quality is guaranteed.Of course, the positioning and styles of different brands of sexy underwear are also different. Choosing your favorite brand can increase the success rate of purchase.

Pay attention to hygiene issues

When buying sexy underwear, it is also necessary to pay attention to the hygiene of underwear.On Taobao, many sellers will provide free gifts such as welfare underwear or private parts of cleaning tools. These are the routines that the seller attracts customers, but when purchasing, you must pay attention to cleaning and disinfection problems.

Pay attention to price and cost -effective

When buying sexy underwear, the price and cost -effectiveness are also one of the factors that need to be considered.It is not necessarily the best, but too cheap sex underwear is often affected.Therefore, pay attention to the balance of price and quality when choosing a product, and do not be easily seduced at low prices.

Pay attention to personal preferences and needs

It is also important to consider personal preferences and needs when buying sexy underwear.For example, if you like sexy or cute types, what size and fabrics are needed, as well as the purpose and occasion of purchases.Only by fully considering your own conditions and needs can you choose the style that suits you best.


Buying sexy underwear on Taobao is a convenient, fast, private and safe choice, but it also needs to pay attention to the size, brand, hygiene, fabric, price and personal needs.It is hoped that through the introduction of this article, more people will make the precautions for buying the affectionate underwear and choose the most suitable product.

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