Taobao sex lingerie comment


With the advancement of society and people’s opening level, sexy underwear has gradually entered millions of households, becoming a must -have for many girls.And Taobao naturally became one of the main sales channels for sex underwear.After comparison, it was found that the price of sexy underwear on Taobao was low, and there were many types, but how the quality was the most concerned issue.

Precautions before buying

First of all, when choosing sexy underwear, the most important thing is the source of the source. You must choose a reputable platform or seller; second, pay attention to buying a suitable size of your body; again, you must pay attention to the material, whether it is irritating to the skin, whether it is soft enough to be soft enough; Finally, check the workmanship of the underwear carefully, whether the sewing is neat and the details are in place.


The fun underwear style on the market is diverse. Different occasions and personality needs are different.Recommend some more popular styles: rope sleess, close -fitting, hollow, perspective, temptation.

Brand recommendation

Although there are many distributors on Taobao, the quality and reputation of the brand are more secure.The more famous brands are: IBIII, Ilovesia, Myzoet, BlueSense.

Sexual and comfortable choice

Interesting underwear is to make women feel comfortable while sexy, so when buying, you must pay attention to texture, workmanship, and size.Only sexy and comfortable can underwear work to the greatest extent.

Perspective underwear

Perfecty underwear is a kind of teasing. The characteristic is very transparent, which can expose many parts of the body and make people irresistible.But when choosing, you need to pay attention to the size, otherwise it will be embarrassing to choose inappropriate.

Rope underwear

Because the rope -style underwear increases the composition of the rope, it will make people think of SM and other games, which is very irritating.However, it should be noted that the width of the rope cover should be moderate, and the too thin rope can easily reach the skin.

Hollow underwear

The hollow underwear feels very mysterious and artistic, and looks like a exquisite sculpture.However, the size must be selected correctly, otherwise there will be unexpected results.

Close -up underwear

Due to the selection of material selection, it is more comfortable to wear and more sexy.But choose the right size, otherwise you will lose beauty.

Suggestions for the best size

Interesting underwear is the same as ordinary underwear. The size is important. Therefore, you must choose your most suitable size. Do not blindly pursue the small number more sexy, otherwise it will only be counterproductive.

in conclusion

Selecting sexy underwear on Taobao, choose a store with reliable supply, pay attention to materials, size and workmanship, and choose the right style and brand.The most important thing is that it is necessary to take care of sexy and comfortable to achieve the best results.

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