Taobao sex underwear is poisonous

1 Introduction

With the improvement of sexual cultural acceptance, sex products have gradually become part of life.Among all sex products, sexy underwear is undoubtedly one of the most popular types.However, with the increase of sexy underwear brands and the changes in sales methods, some bad merchants have begun to sell toxic sexy underwear on Taobao, which has aroused extensive concerns and attention.

2. Market chaos

At present, the sex underwear market is very chaotic, and various brands, models, fabrics, and styles are available.Many consumers buy sexy underwear online, especially on Taobao. Simple price comparison and photo display have become the main reference for consumers.However, some businesses in the market have some serious problems, they sell toxic sexy underwear.

3. What are the toxic erotic underwear

Poisonous sexy underwear mainly refers to some sexy underwear made from low -cost materials.These materials are harmful to the skin and body.For example, it contains lead, hydroxybenzoate and other substances, which will have an impact on the human body.

4. The consequences of toxic and sexy underwear

After wearing a toxic and sexy underwear, the human body is vulnerable to dyes, and long -term contact can cause adverse reactions such as skin allergies.It may even cause cancer or cause fertility.These are very serious consequences. Consumers should pay attention to avoid buying toxic sexy underwear.

5. How to distinguish with toxic and sexy underwear

How do consumers judge whether sexy underwear is toxic?First of all, from the appearance, the color of toxic and sexy underwear will be more brilliant than normal underwear, especially red and black, and the taste will be pungent.In addition, some low -priced sexy underwear also needs to be vigilant, because low prices are likely to be the performance of manufacturers’ use of inferior materials in order to reduce costs.

6. How to ensure the safety of sexy underwear

It is very important to ensure the security of sexy underwear. Consumers should choose reputable brands and professional sales stores when choosing sexy underwear, and can choose some brands with relevant qualifications and experience.In addition, safety testing is also very important. Consumers should consult the source of materials and related testing reports to the seller to understand the quality and performance of the product as much as possible.

7. Manufacturers and sellers should take responsibility

Manufacturers and sellers should pay great attention to the safety and quality of sexy underwear. Especially the responsible manufacturers and sellers should strengthen product quality control, and produce according to national standards to ensure that the products are not toxic and dangerous.For the problem of toxic and sexy underwear, enterprises should bear more severe responsibilities to help encourage consumers to consume rationally.

8. Green erotic underwear needs to be promoted

Green erotic underwear refers to sexy underwear made of non -toxic and environmentally friendly fabrics, which meets people’s pursuit of ecological environmental protection and health.These erotic underwear can completely replace the harmful ingredients such as petroleum fiber, dyes and additives. In the context of sustainable development, it is more popular with consumers, but the corresponding publicity and promotion are slightly insufficient.

9. Consumers’ rights need better protection

In the Internet age, more and more consumers are threatened.False advertising and fraud, and issues such as toxic products have caused serious harm to consumers’ rights, interests and security.Government and society should strengthen the publicity and supervision of consumer rights protection, strengthen market management and law enforcement, and help consumers safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

10. Conclusion

Selling toxic sexy underwear on Taobao has always been a problem that cannot be ignored.As consumers, we should strengthen the safety awareness of sexy underwear, choose formal sales channels and reputable brands.As a production and seller, you should even assume ethical and social responsibilities to ensure that sexy underwear is safe, green and environmentally friendly.

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