Taobao sex underwear takes light model

Introduction: Taobao sex underwear takes light model

In recent years, more and more young women have chosen to buy sexy lingerie on Taobao.In this huge market, sexy underwear light models have become a eye -catching landscape.However, how exactly do these sexy underwear -to -light models work on Taobao?The secret behind the sexy underwear is revealed for everyone.

Model recruitment method: Very simple

The recruitment of sexy underwear on Taobao is very simple. It only needs a more sexy photo, some basic figure information, and filling in a simple application form to become a sexy underwear light model.The simplicity of this recruitment method also brings risks at the same time, because uploading a sexy photo can "get" the model status. In order to reduce costs and risks, some illegal merchants forced models to shoot naked or immorality through various means.Photo.

Model income: not high

Although many sexy underwear has tens of thousands of fans, the model’s income is not necessarily high. The daily salary of an ordinary erotic underwear walking model is generally around hundreds of yuan.It can also be seen that the sexy underwear is generally younger and lighter.

Shooting requirements: sexy but not explicit

Although sexy underwear needs to disclose a certain sexy temperament when shooting, it cannot be exposed too much.Take Taobao as an example. When shooting, the sexy underwear must comply with Taobao’s regulations on lingerie, that is, the highest exposure is limited to the cleavage.Moreover, the shooting atmosphere is also important. Most of the sexy underwear moving models need to shoot in a relatively small and dark environment to achieve the effect of soft light and coloring.

The degree of attention is high: but also suffer

The attention of sexy underwear to light models is very high, but in fact, it is hot that it must often update your work.Therefore, in order to ensure their market position, many sexy underwear models must withstand long -standing and walking posture.

Regardless of success or failure: In the final analysis, it is advertising

Regardless of whether a sexy underwear is successful, its fundamental purpose is to sell.These models’ Weibo business cards, WeChat public accounts, or Taobao shops are all selling sexy underwear.These models seize more market share in various ways, so that more people pay attention to the sexy underwear brands they promoted.

There is "standardization" necessity

In such a fierce market competition, some sexy underwear models will choose the way to "send benefits", that is, they do not shoot in accordance with the requirements, but attract attention through some exposed photos.In this case, some platforms will also be forced to reduce their own review standards to meet the needs of young people.

Positive impact: Help some women solve the problem of self -confidence

Although there are also some problems with sexy underwear, the positive impact cannot be ignored.After seeing these confident women, many women want to try to put on the same sexy underwear to hug their bodies, and even some women have found confidence from it.

Negative impact: the market is chaotic, the display object is single

The existence of sexy underwear to light models also makes the market more chaotic.Its existence actually indirectly expands the pressure of the market, forcing merchants to reduce costs and increase sales.At the same time, there are not many objects of sexy underwear to go through the models, most of them are men who are young and pay attention to their figures.

Looking to the future: standardize the market and cultivate more excellent underwear to take light models

Although there are many problems with the current sex underwear, the market it represents is still a huge potential market.We should use the development of this market to gradually standardize the market and cultivate more excellent underwear to take light models, and show a real and healthy market image to the outside world.


The sexy underwear is not just sexy and exposed, but it can also promote market development and help women solve the problem of self -confidence.We should see the benefits of this market, and we should also notice the irregular problems in the market, and move towards the direction of healthy and upward development.

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