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Sexual feelings have always been a hot talk between couples, and tearing up the sexy underwear to make her moan is even more interested in men and women.This article will introduce you to the types of sexy underwear and how to tear up sex underwear to satisfy your and your lover.

Interest underwear type

There are many types of sexy underwear, including sexy underwear, stockings, slings and tight corsets.The design of these underwear is to emphasize the body curve of women, making it more sexy and seductive.For example, sexy underwear usually exposes the hips, and stockings strengthen the curve of the legs, while the suspender will emphasize women’s chest.

Body matching

When buying sexy underwear, the most important point is to ensure that it matches your figure.If you buy a too small tight corset, you will feel very uncomfortable, and buying a big stockings may decline.Therefore, you must try it on or ask professionals to suggest when sweeping the goods.

Color and material

The color and materials of sexy underwear are also very important.Black and red sexy underwear is usually regarded as the sexiest color, and materials such as silk, lace and leather are very suitable for sexy underwear.Of course, you can also choose a softer color and material, which depends on your personal preference.

The skills of tearing the sexy underwear

Tearing of sexy underwear is a great fun of the hot and hot men and women.When you tear the underwear, you should gradually tear away from the edge instead of pulling off your underwear in one breath.You only need one hand to hold the edge of the erotic underwear, and the other hand starts with the remaining underwear, and continue to tear it out along the edges.

Sex care

Sexual care is also very important.Especially for women, it is important to choose the appropriate sexy underwear and health care methods.If you feel any discomfort when using sexy underwear or toys, you should stop using and seek medical help.

Sexy foreplay

Sexy foreplay is a good way to relax you and your partner.You can lit candles, relax music, and even wear your favorite sexy underwear.These methods will make you feel more comfortable and increase the intimacy between you and your partner.

Sending underwear sharing

Sex underwear can be a common property between you and your partner.You may wish to show your partner to show your sexy underwear and play together.This will be a very interesting, intimate and joyful time.


Although sexy underwear is interesting, you still need to pay attention to certain things.For minors, these underwear should be prohibited.When buying sexy underwear, make sure you do not have a bad impact on your health.

in conclusion

It is an interesting and exciting activity to tear her sexy underwear to moan, but it must be carried out on the basis of safety.When looking for sexy underwear, you should understand as much as possible, materials and colors as much as possible, and seek advice from professionals.In the process of enjoying sex, we must also pay attention to health care.

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