Tempting sexy underwear transparent suspender

Tempting sexy underwear transparent suspender

As a sexual dress, sexy underwear has been widely accepted and welcomed by women.There are many types, and the most seductive is a transparent suspender. Let’s discuss this sexy underwear.

1. What is a transparent suspender?

The transparent suspender refers to the shoulder strap of the shirt.The color of transparent suspenders is red, black, white, etc. There are many styles, and there are many styles.

2. The charm of a transparent suspender

The feeling of transparent suspenders is sexy, elegant, and soft, which can easily show women’s figure and lines, increase women’s sexy and attractiveness, and make people want to find out.

3. Brand selection

There are many brands of transparent suspenders on the market, such as Narue, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, etc. Each brand has its own characteristics and can choose according to personal preference.

4. The factors that need to be considered when choosing

The factors that need to be considered when buying a transparent suspender sexy underwear include whether the size is suitable, whether the style is suitable for your body, whether the material is comfortable, etc. Regarding the size, it is recommended to try it on.

5. How to match

Transparent suspenders can be matched with various different clothes, such as silk nightdressing, tight pants, loose long skirts, etc. Choosing the right match will make yourself more sexy and charming.

6. Material of a transparent suspender

The material of transparent suspenders is usually silk, lace, etc. These materials are very soft, comfortable and personal, and they have good breathability and antibacteriality.

7. Maintenance method

Transparent suspenders are easily affected by dirt and oil stains. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the daily care of the details.It is usually recommended to use hand washing or low -temperature machine washing, and do not expose or scrubbing.

8. Applicable occasions of transparent suspenders

Transparent suspenders are usually suitable for sexual occasions, such as sex parties, romantic dating, etc., because it will create a sweet atmosphere, and at the same time, it can also increase the intimacy between husband and wife.


Generally speaking, transparent suspenders are a very sexy and charming dress that can add confidence and attractiveness to women.However, when wearing a transparent suspender, you also need to pay attention to factors such as occasions and maintenance in order to keep yourself beautiful and healthy.

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