The complex process of wearing rubber sexy underwear

The complex process of wearing rubber sexy underwear

The meaning of sexy underwear is not only sexy, and comfort, but also includes fun.And rubber sexy underwear carries more challenges and irritation.However, if you want to wear rubber sexy underwear to play with a fun life, you need to understand the complex dressing process in order to avoid unexpected embarrassment and harm.

Step 1: Select size

Rubber sexy underwear is often tight and highly elastic.Therefore, you must be convinced of your true size before buying and select the appropriate number.It is generally recommended to measure before trial, and select the appropriate size in the reference size table.

Step 2: Sweat and Sanitary Treatment

Because the rubber material is not breathable, you may sweat a lot when you wear it.Therefore, we must do the necessary sanitation before dressing to protect the health of ourselves and others.You can wipe your lower body with a disinfection wet paper towel, and then spray some disinfection spray on the inside of the underwear.

Step 3: Enhance the sense of slippery

When wearing rubber sexy underwear, the friction between rubber and skin can cause a lot of discomfort, and even cause friction marks and skin damage.Therefore, you need to fill your body with moisturizing oil to enhance the smoothness of skin and underwear and prevent skin damage.

Step 4: Put on a challenging part

The difficulty of wearing rubber sexy underwear is that it has many challenging parts and requires you to adjust it carefully.If the cup type of the bra needs to be cut separately, fix it in the cup, and you need to choose the suitable shoulder strap length and location.The waist design requires you to press down the upper body, then tilt your body forward by 8-10 degrees, stretch your chest, press the waist, put it on the waist ring, turn it back and go back to the decent chain through the feet through your feet through your feet passing through your feet.Pull up, and finally adjust the posture to comfortable.

Step 5: Put on difficult pants

Putting on rubber pants is also a complicated process.Because of its strong tightness, you need to put it on a little bit, and let the edges of the pants fit the body tightly, and the phenomenon of fat, wrinkles, and outwardness cannot occur.Pay attention to the choice of the butt and waist, so as to prevent the pants from slipping when exercising.

Step 6: Put on socks

Unlike ordinary underwear, one of the essentials wearing rubber sexy underwear is socks.M -shaped zipper is often the highlights of socks.You need to put on your feet first and then put on the zipper before pulling it to the appropriate position.

Step 7: Lock element

After wearing rubber sexy underwear, you also need to lock peripheral elements such as literary waist chain, restraint gloves or foot cover.How to play the key part, you need reasonable skills, skills and professional knowledge again.

Step 8: Enjoy stimuli

After completing the complex dressing process, you can show your sexy and challenging spirit.Remember, this is not just as simple as wearing rubber sexy underwear, but also your inner confidence and personality.Therefore, if you are going to play with sexual interest, you must improve self -protection and avoid accidents.


Wearing rubber erotic underwear is a challenging game. During the dressing process, you need to pay attention to health and safety.You need some skills and skills, and the most important thing is to have confidence.If any discomfort or uncomfortable in the complete process, stop and seek help in time.

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