The difference between women’s sexy underwear and underwear

The difference between women’s sexy underwear and underwear

1. Different materials

The most obvious difference between women’s sexy underwear and underwear is different materials.Sex underwear is usually made of lace, silk, and velvet, while panties are mostly soft and breathable cotton materials.

2. Different design

The design of women’s sexy underwear is more fully designed. In addition to fitting, it also focuses on the appearance and sexy appearance.The underwear is relatively simple and simple, focusing on comfort.

3. Different uses

Women’s sexy underwear is mainly used to increase sexy and teasing, while underwear is a necessity for daily wear.

4. Rich style

The style of sexy underwear is usually more diverse, covering almost a variety of different designs and styles.Compared with this, panties are more monotonous and limited.

5. Low density

The density of the fabrics of sex underwear is usually relatively low to facilitate sexy presentation, and the underwear needs to ensure sufficient personal sense, so there will be higher fabric density requirements.

6. The color is brighter

Sex underwear usually has a brighter and bright color to create a more sexy feeling.The underwear is more biased towards the basic color, such as black and white.

7. Tailoring more

The tailoring requirements of sexy underwear are stricter. It is necessary to fully fit the figure and highlight the sexy curve.The underwear is relatively simple, and the requirements are not as high as erotic underwear.

8. higher price

Because the design of sexy underwear is more complex and the material is excellent, the price is much higher than the underwear.

9. Different occasions

Interest underwear is usually a must -have in sex life, while underwear is suitable for daily or office occasions.

10. Different wear time

Interest underwear cannot be worn for a long time, usually only wearing in sex.Underwear can be worn for a long time, and it needs to be replaced frequently to maintain hygiene.


Women’s sexy underwear and underwear have their own characteristics, suitable for different occasions and needs.When wearing, choose according to its own needs and occasions to ensure the best comfort and effect.

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