The dirty and sexy sheets worn

The dirty and sexy sheets worn

Interest underwear is a must -have for improving the quality of sex.Through the selection, it can achieve the effects of increasing interest, enhancing confidence, enhancing charm, health and beauty.However, if we do not pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, the sexy underwear we wear will become dirty, which will affect the health of the wearer.So, how to clean up sexy underwear?Let’s introduce it.

1. Classified cleaning

First, we need to classify and clean them according to different materials.For example, silk sexy underwear needs to be washed with cold water hands, and chemical fiber sexy underwear can be washed.When cleaning, be careful not to wash to avoid color dyeing.

2. Select the cleaning agent

The cleaning agent of sexy underwear should not be too irritating. It is best to select neutral detergent to avoid damage to the skin.In addition, you can add a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice to remove the odor.

3. Apply cleaning

For particularly dirty erotic underwear, a small amount of alcohol or sodium hydroxide can be added to the cleaning agent for coating and cleaning.Among them, alcohol can break down oil, sodium hydroxide can disinfect and remove odor.

4. Pay attention to temperature

When cleaning, you must control the water temperature, do not overheat or cold.Excessive heat will destroy elasticity and shape, and the stains cannot be removed when cold.It is best to use warm water to clean it, so that it can not only clean it, but also protect sexy underwear.

5. Washing time

The cleaning time is generally not too long, 2-3 minutes is enough to clean.If the time is too long, not only cannot remove stains, but also affects the structure and elasticity of the ingredients.

6. Don’t dry

Interest underwear must not be dried, because this will cause stretching and deformation, affecting the effect of wearing.You can use light pressure to squeeze water as much as possible.

7. sunscreen

Interesting underwear should not directly expose the sun to avoid affecting the material and color, it is best to dry it in the ventilation.

8. Organize storage

After cleaning, the sexy underwear should be sorted out to avoid deformation.You can choose a special underwear bag, put the sexy underwear inside, and then put it in the wardrobe.


Sex underwear is closely connected to our body, and we must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.Only after scientific maintenance can we ensure the quality and wearing effect of sexy underwear and add color to our sexual life.

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