The earliest sexy underwear video in Shu Qi in Taiwan

The earliest sexy underwear video in Shu Qi in Taiwan

Shu Qi is one of the respected and noticeable actresses in Hong Kong’s film and television circle and the Chinese film and television circle.Among them, the sexy characters she played were deeply loved by the audience, so it was closely related to the topic of sexy underwear.

Shu Qi and sexy underwear

The relationship between Shu Qi and fun underwear began when she debuted.

Video: "Wind Moon"

In 1999, "Fengyue" starring Shu Qi became one of her masterpieces.In this film, the role she plays changes the traditional female image, sometimes wearing a formal long skirt, and sometimes shows high -quality sexy underwear.The publicity of this stills shocked many fans and attracted a lot of attention.

Call for the Republic

In 2003, Shu Qi participated in the promotional activity of "Call for the Republic".During this event, she wore a red and sexy underwear, showing her beautiful legs, which aroused widespread attention.However, this sexy underwear she was wearing was also stolen, so she circulated on the Internet.

Transformation: "Seven Inner Ghosts of 33 Cases"

In the late 2000s, Shu Qi gradually began to transform and tried to take the literary route.However, in 2008, the film "Seven Inner Ghosts 33 Inner Ghosts" she participated in the audience once again saw her "invisible" sexy underwear.Although this time the sexy underwear is not displayed for a long time, it also makes Shu Qi more closely related to the sexy underwear.

Sexy underwear video exposure

In 2015, a video of Shu Qi shot sexy underwear advertisements was exposed.In the video, Shu Qi wore a variety of sexy underwear, showing charm and winning countless praise.

Award: Mojostar series product spokesperson

In 2018, Shu Qi, as the spokesperson of the Mojostar series of products, shot a set of sexy underwear ads for the brand.This series of advertisements received a lot of praise and made Shu Qi a lot of awards.

Become a sexy underwear designer

In 2020, Shu Qi announced the cooperation with the brand Pomellato to design sexy underwear.It is reported that Shu Qi will be responsible for the design of underwear, and the brand will be responsible for each link of production and sales.This move not only let Shu Qi and the sexy underwear connect again, but also show her many talents.

Kindness for women

In addition to the connection with sexy underwear, Shu Qi is also committed to kindness for women.She wrote a female health article for "ELLE" in Chinese, trying to let more women pay attention to her health.


Shu Qi is not only a much -watched actress, but also one of the representative figures of sexy underwear.Although the topic of her association and interest underwear has a lot of controversy, her achievements and honors have indeed spent a lot of thoughts and efforts to achieve it.We should see her beauty and talent associated with fun underwear, and appreciate and affirm.

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