The earliest sexy underwear video show

Background introduction

With the development and change of society, sexy underwear has gradually entered our lives, and it is widely used in the fields of sex, pornography, clubs and other fields.However, have you ever thought about what the earliest sexy underwear looks like?

The earliest sexy underwear

The earliest sexy underwear appeared in the early 20th century. At that time, the sexy underwear was not sexy, but based on the basic clothing such as skirts, cheongsams, and shirts. It focused on comfort and non -sexy characteristics.The materials of these sexy underwear are mostly cotton or silk, handmade, and the price is high.

Japanese sexy underwear

In the 1960s, Japan was the leader of the global erotic underwear industry. They mainly produced very high -quality silk sexy underwear.These erotic underwear are not only a lingerie, but also art, unique product design, high -quality materials, and exquisite craftsmanship.The most famous of which is a kimono -style sexy underwear. It combines Japanese kimono and sexy underwear, which is unique.

European and American sexy underwear

In the 1970s, in Europe and the United States, sexy underwear became a fashion trend.European and American sexy underwear is more associated with sexy characteristics.These underwear styles are diverse, such as lace, velvet, leather, net clothes and other materials, showing a sexy and charming style.Correspondingly, many sexy models also started to perform in sexy underwear and used it in a fashion show.

Sexy underwear show

The sexy underwear show is a fashion show with the theme of model interpretation of sexy underwear. It often appears in some room shows, catwalks, or live TV programs.The purpose of the sexy lingerie show is to display sexy underwear to attract the attention of the audience.The sexy underwear show attracted the attention of the audience with its sexy, exposed and exciting style, and even caused some controversy.

The history of sexy underwear show

The history of the sexy underwear show dates back to the 1980s, when many European and American designers began to show sexy sexy underwear on the fashion show.In Christmas in 1985, Victoria’s secret held its own sexy underwear show for the first time, which marked the fact that the sexy underwear show entered a new era.

Shanghai New York Fashion Week

The New York Fashion Week was founded in 2001 and held in September each year. It is one of the most influential fashion events in the Chinese fashion industry.At the New York Fashion Week in Shanghai, the sex lingerie show has also become a beautiful landscape.The fun underwear design of each brand not only shows the creativity of the designer, but also provides the audience with a sexy and artistic visual enjoyment.

The trend of sexy underwear design

With the development of society, the style of erotic underwear has also been continuously updated. Now there are more styles that are more sexy and intimate, such as low -cut and half cups, lace lace, leather, mesh, perspective, tape, suspender, and so on.However, when choosing a sexy underwear, the personal figure, desire, style, and occasion should be the main consideration.It is not necessary for too decorative and fancy design. It is best to choose underwear that is beautiful and closer to your partner.

Latest sexy underwear direction

In today’s era, erotic underwear is no longer regarded as a vulgar and cheap thing, but has become an art form that is recognized and widely used.Interest underwear is not only a kind of underwear, it is also a lifestyle and a fashion dress.With the development of science and technology and society, sexy underwear is constantly innovating and developing, and it will continue to accompany our lives.


Interest underwear is not just a underwear, it has a form of art and has become a lifestyle.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can enhance self -confidence and personal charm and make life more interesting.It is worth mentioning that when appreciating sexy underwear, we should also maintain aesthetic independence and rationality to feel the beauty of sexy underwear.

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