The latest Chinese sex underwear show

Chinese sex lingerie show: glucocye leather blooming charm

As a representative of China’s sexy underwear industry, in recent years, Jiaodong leather has been favored by consumers at home and abroad with excellent design and manufacturing technology.On the latest sexy underwear show, Jiaodong Leather uses its top fashion elements and innovative design to show the brand’s new look.

New fabric: add points to comfort

The new sexy underwear of Jiaodong leather uses a new fabric, which has greatly improved both the feel and the comfort of wearing.Moreover, these fabrics can make the body breathe more smoothly, more and more natural, so that when we wear underwear or coat, you can feel unprecedented comfort, whether it is underwear or coat.

Transparent and fog: The classic style of sexy underwear

Transparent and fog surfaces are one of the classic elements of sexy underwear, which can fully show the sexy and mysterious feeling of women.In the new sexy underwear design, Jiaodong Leather cleverly combines these two elements to create an excellent effect of sexy and fresh coexistence, adding a lot of color to women.

Rainbow color underwear: shining

In addition to the classic transparency and fog elements, in the latest sexy underwear show, rainbow -colored underwear has also become a highlight.The color of these underwear is magnificent and colorful, giving people a very glorious feeling.In this way, it can not only satisfy women’s pursuit of color, but also allow the body of the wearer to better present.

Tailor design: easily show the body advantage

In addition to colors and fabrics, the tailoring of underwear is also important.The masters of Jiaodong leather have carried out fine tailoring for underwear. Through excellent technology, the advantages of the figure have been fully displayed.Wearing these underwear, the ladies can feel the atmosphere of self -confidence and self -esteem instantly.

Details: the key point of improving the texture

The texture of erotic underwear is very important. At this point, details are the most critical.Jiaodong Leather’s details of each underwear are very detailed. With the top technology and excellent quality inspection to ensure first -class quality of the product.

Creative Design: Create a very fashionable underwear

Creative design is an indispensable element for fashion underwear. The designers of Jiaodong leather firmly believe that good design is the soul of sexy underwear.They are constantly exploring and trying to integrate the popular elements from all over the world into underwear, so as to create a really fashionable sexy underwear.

Excellent crafts: Make sure the quality of sexy underwear

Excellent craftsmanship is the key to manufacturing quality guarantee.The manufacturers of Jiaodong Leather have perfectly fused the advanced manufacturing technology with traditional handmade production with many years of production experience to ensure that each piece of erotic underwear meets the top quality standards.

International Vision: Let sexy underwear approach the world

The eyes of Jiaodong Leather have long surpassed the country. They adhering to the concept of openness and tolerance, focusing on the expansion of the international market and the research of market demand, and strive to bring a more quality and fashionable Chinese sexy underwear to all corners of the world.

Diversity: Underwear categories that meet different consumer needs

The demand for sex underwear has diversified characteristics. Jiaodong Leather also believes that the diversification of sexy lingerie categories is the key to meeting different consumer needs.Therefore, in the development of different styles and styles of sexy lingerie categories, Jiaodong leather also spent considerable thoughts.


Today’s sexy underwear industry is showing a booming momentum, which makes the development of sex underwear more diverse and more detailed.As a leader in this field, Jiaodong leather shows its excellent design, production technology and product quality, and truly creates the top Chinese sexy underwear brand.

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