The sexy underwear taken by the amateur

The sexy underwear taken by the amateur

In the modern fashion industry, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular, becoming a necessity for people to create temperament and charm in addition to daily wear, and it has also become a necessary element for taking fashion photos.However, from the perspective of amateur shooting, it is actually difficult to take these sexy and creative sexy underwear.The following will share with you how to take a group of outstanding amateur sexy underwear photos.

1. Realize the sexy charm of sexy underwear

For amateurs, taking sexy sexy underwear photos may be a jerky and troublesome thing, so the first step is to realize the sexy charm of these sexy underwear.Through appreciation of sample photos, learning styling, understanding the creative ideas of the designer, etc., we can take a more consistent charm and attractive photo to improve the understanding and love of sexy underwear.

2. Put the sexy underwear as an emotion/expression method

Fun underwear itself is a way to express emotions and personality, with strong overall charm, not just an ordinary underwear.Therefore, when we shoot, we need to treat sexy underwear as an emotional expression or a form, and then use a suitable lens to capture its colorful moments.

3. Highlights/sense of quality

When shooting sexy underwear, keep the color stability, highlight the contrast between the gray and color, and directly affect the overall quality of the photo.How to highlight the texture and charm of sexy underwear naturally become the key to the shooting of amateur.

4. Summary and disadvantages/creative concepts

When shooting sexy underwear, distinguish and identify it according to the design concept and creative concept of each underwear.For outdated designs, commonly used composition and interesting ways will only make your works look sparse.

5. Express a beautiful feeling

Interest underwear is a creative and charming existence, and it has very high aesthetic value.How to make people feel the beauty of these sexy underwear and the feelings that are attracted by it is a compulsory course for amateur when shooting sexy underwear.

6. Treatment of model expressions

When the amateur shoots sexy underwear, the processing of model expressions is very important.Some sexy underwear does not need too much expression or movement to express your charm, and what needs only a light and beautiful atmosphere.Some erotic underwear requires some moves or emotions to express emotions and atmosphere, so you need to take different expressions and actions according to different underwear styles.

7. The composition of clear and universal

When the amateur shoots sexy underwear, it is necessary to ensure that the composition of the photo is clear, reasonable and concise.Consider the details of the sexy underwear, and then take a photo with appropriate light and focus.Remember not to be too fancy and charming, maintain its elegant and beautiful artistic style.

8. Improve shooting technology as much as possible

When the amateur shoots sexy underwear, we need to improve the shooting technology and professionalism as much as possible.By mastering certain shooting skills, accumulating experience, absorbing many excellent sexy underwear photos, and perseverance to develop love and passion for shooting, you can better complete beautiful works.

9. Perfect post -production

After the shooting is completed, it is necessary to perform later treatment for each photo.For example, for characters, we must make detailed and fine adjustments to the texture and color of the skin to ensure that the overall effect is the best presentation and effect.

10. Summary perception

Shooting erotic underwear can not only show your own photo production skills and level, but also a reflection of aesthetics and will.I hope that everyone will actively participate in the activities of amateurs taking sexy lingerie photos. The fun and beauty in the experience process, at the same time improve their professional level, provide more professional and practical reference suggestions for the latecomers.

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