The spanking of the Terrace Show of Sexy Lingerie

What is the staircase show of sexy underwear

The ladder show of sexy underwear is a fashion activity that shows sexy women’s underwear. It is usually held at night clubs and ballrooms.As a high -energy performance form, it has become the iconic activity of various clubs and fashion brands.Stars and celebrities often go to Terrace Show as guests, while the audience admires these very sexy performances.

Interesting lingerie Terrace Show’s spanking

On the Terrace Show of the sexy underwear, the buttocks have become a traditional form of performance. It emphasizes the sexy and teasing of women, which excites the audience at the scene.The butt behavior is to beat its ass by others on the stage during the model performance.This behavior aims to attract the attention of the audience, thereby increasing the effect of showing underwear.

History of spanking

The history of spanking on the fun underwear show dates back to the early 20th century.Originally on the underwear show in Paris, the models knocked their ass with their hands while walking.With the development of the times, this behavior has now become one of the signs of the sex underwear show.

The purpose of spanking

The purpose of spanking is to attract the attention of the audience and enable them to better appreciate women’s body and underwear.In addition, spanking can deepen the audience’s impression of sexy underwear, making it easier for them to remember the styles and brands of these underwear.

Harm of the buttocks

Although the buttocks are effective on the sexy underwear show, it also has a certain harm.First of all, spanking will make women feel violated, which will damage their dignity and self -esteem.Secondly, the assault behavior will also have a certain paralysis effect on the audience, making their appreciation of women’s bodies extremely superficial.

Current changes

Now, some brands and shows have begun to block the buttocks, replaced by more elegant performance forms.These performances are increasingly paying attention to the style and quality of underwear, not excessive teasing women’s bodies.This is a progress for the development of the entire fun underwear show industry, and it can also show the image of women’s confidence and independence.

The future of Terrace

With the progress of society and the continuous changes in people’s aesthetic concepts, the sexy lingerie staircase show also needs to be continuously updated and improved.The future show will pay more attention to the fashionability, sexuality and personalization of underwear, abandon extreme performance behavior, and pay more attention to showing women’s inherent charm and personality characteristics.

in conclusion

As a traditional form of performance on the sexy underwear staircase show, although it has increased the irritation of the performance to a certain extent, there are some harm.With the changes of the times and the improvement of people’s aesthetic concepts, a more elegant performance method will replace the assassination of spanking and better show the inherent charm and personality characteristics of women in sexy underwear.

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