There are only two fun underwear

There are only two fun underwear

Interest underwear is a sexy charm that is suitable for use between couples.However, some people often think that sexy underwear is difficult to match.In fact, you only need two different styles of sexy underwear to have countless different combinations.This article will introduce these two "artifacts" and provide matching suggestions to break the inherent rules of matching and make you an expert in sexy underwear.

1. Two with fun underwear

The first sexy underwear is a pocket underwear with lace.The design of this underwear is particularly suitable for all kinds of sexy underwear.It has two pockets that can be placed with suspended decorations, such as beautiful leather whip or love -shaped handcuffs.In addition, you can also place small electric fun toys, such as small vibration sticks or jumping eggs.This underwear is suitable for most people with a body, with both comfort and sexuality.

2. Suitable for different occasions

The second sex underwear is the black LACE up sexy underwear.This underwear has a camisole and LAC UP design, making it more sexy and charming.It is suitable for wearing in special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday and other celebrations.She can be matched with pocket underwear to increase interest.In addition, this underwear can also be used alone, with high heels or strap -type high -waisted underwear to create an atmosphere of ambiguous mood.

Third, the pose novel combination

Tighten the black LACE UP sexy underwear to the back of the shoulder, put your arms on the sling, put on your pocket underwear, and place a sexy love bird on the chest.This combination not only highlights the beautiful curve of the chest, but also dresses the love birds on the chest into alternative fashion accessories.If you add a pair of high heels, I believe your lover will be attracted by your sexy charm.

Fourth, black lace up sexy underwear multi -match

LACE UP sex underwear is also suitable for matching with other underwear.For example, you can pair it with a transparent blouse, or with lace underwear and black strap high waist underwear.Or, you can match it with purple or red underwear to add a mystery in the celebration.

5. How to choose color

It is also important to choose the color of sex underwear.You can choose the color according to the occasion, personal preferences and skin tone.If your skin is white, it is recommended to choose warm -colored sexy underwear, such as pink or light yellow, which can highlight the gloss of your skin.If your skin is darker, it is recommended to choose a black or blue sexy underwear.

6. Match with accessories

The matching of sexy underwear also includes different accessories.A sense of sexy handcuffs and a lace lace stockings are all good accessories choices.Black LACE UP sexy underwear is combined with a black stockings, plus a few white or pink feathers and headwear, which perfectly interprets the "charm" style.

Seven, comfort is very important

Of course, comfort is also an important consideration of any sexy underwear.If erotic underwear can’t make you feel comfortable, you can’t give full play to your sexy charm.Therefore, you should pay attention to its material and quality when choosing a sexy underwear, and choose as much as possible to feel comfortable, soft, and comfortable underwear as much as possible.

8. Evaluate a good sexy underwear

Good erotic underwear must be perfect, suitable, high -quality material, soft fabric, comfortable use, and color matching.No matter what style of sexy underwear you choose, you must choose according to your preferences, figures, and use occasions.

Nine, combine character and temperament

In addition to appearance and quality, sexy underwear must also consider the personality and temperament of the matchmaker.If you are confident, positive, and bold, you can choose a bright or red sexy underwear.If you are more conservative, it is more suitable to choose dark tones or black underwear.

10. Output view

In general, when choosing a sexy underwear, no matter what style and shape you choose, you must pay attention to its comfort and quality, and choose your own personality, temperament, skin tone, and use occasions.Only by self -confidence and elegant temperament can you achieve the perfect matching effect.

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