There are several names in the name of sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to a special underwear that has a certain shape, material, color and style that can stimulate people’s emotions in visual or tactile.There are many names of its names. Let’s take a section of 8 to 10 below. Let’s take a look at it together.

The first name: sexy underwear

The earliest people called special sexy and attractive underwear as "sexy underwear", which was once very popular.However, the type of underwear covered by this method is too wide, and it cannot directly indicate the specific style or use of the underwear.

The second name: Beautiful back underwear

Beautiful back underwear is a kind of underwear to show the beautiful curve of women.Its main feature is that the back is very beautiful and can modify the curve of the back of the female.

The third name: underwear suit

Underwear set is a suit consisting of two or more underwear.It usually includes two parts: upper and pants.Compared to single underwear, underwear suits are more plastic and can be combined according to personal preference.

The fourth name: pajamas

Interest pajamas are underwear with both comfort and beauty, which are usually used in women’s bedrooms.Its material and style design are different from underwear, and pay more attention to the comfort of sleep.

Fifth name: stockings

Stockings are underwear with leg visual aesthetics and covering effects.Its material is usually silk or sea soul silk, which is very soft and comfortable. It can make people look more beautiful and make the personal image more elegant.

The sixth name: lace underwear

Lace underwear refers to the addition of lace elements on the underwear material. Lace elements can show many different patterns and patterns, which can make the underwear more beautiful and sexy visually.

Seventh name: Perfect underwear

Perfect underwear refers to those underwear that is more close than other underwear.They are designed to contact your body tighter, which means that they can provide better support and make you more comfortable when wearing.

The eighth name: bellyband

The bellyband, also known as the "small vest", is a category in the sexy underwear. It is mainly composed of the two parts of the top and bottom.Very suitable for wearing in bed.

The ninth name: a full set of sexy lingerie

A full set of sexy lingerie is a set of sexy underwear with a variety of matching and various styles.They usually include different colors and materials, as well as attached items such as stockings, eye masks, handcuffs and whips, which allow users to enjoy a more comprehensive interesting experience.

Tenth name: Personal underwear

Personal underwear is a very personalized sexy underwear. Their style and design are very unique. Many underwear can reflect the special or psychological requirements and taste of the wearer after design.

Viewpoint: Interests of underwear are a very different type of underwear. They have become the goal of every sexy and fashionable people.For everyone, the most important thing is to know how to choose a sexy underwear that suits them, so that it brings a better and more useful experience for its sexy.

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