Three -point sex lingerie open the chest and open the chest

Three -point sex lingerie open the chest and open the chest


As a sexy, gorgeous and mysterious clothing, sexy underwear is favored by more and more women.Among them, the three -point erotic underwear that can be amazing has become one of the goals pursued by many women.So, what is the "opening and opening the chest" in the three -point erotic underwear?Today, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics and skills of this sexy underwear.

What is three points of sexy jacket

Three -point erotic underwear refers to the sexy underwear composed of three parts, namely the bras of the upper body, the underwear of the lower body, and the lines or decorations that run through the entire underwear.Its biggest feature is that it is exposed a lot, so it is known as "three points".

The concept of opening and open chest

Opening and open chest refers to a special design in the sexy underwear, which can show more body parts and increase the effect of sexy and teasing.

Fairy underwear

Open sexy underwear refers to a special opening on the underwear, so that the genitals can be exposed.This underwear requires women to try, because it can make women feel more stimulus and pleasure, and can also satisfy men’s curiosity and inquiry about women’s genitals.

Open chest sexy underwear

Open -chest erotic underwear means that the bra has a special opening or a transparent fabric, so that the breasts can be exposed.This underwear can not only enhance women’s sexy, but also allow men to satisfy women’s curiosity and desire for women’s chest.

The combination of opening and open chest

For those women who are courageous and pursue more teasing, the combination of gear and chest can play the greatest effect.This kind of sexy underwear not only makes the pussy and breasts exposed, but also strengthen the sexy and teasing effects through the lines and decorations exposed.When women wear this underwear, it will undoubtedly make men more excited and satisfied, thereby increasing the sexual life between the two.


When buying and wearing a stall and opening the chest, you need to pay attention to the following items:

The size should be accurate, otherwise it may affect the comfort and use effect of the body.

The quality should be strong to avoid hidden safety hazards during use.

Pay attention to cleaning, use laundry bags and mild cleaner to avoid damaging the material of the underwear.

With the necessary companion, such as high heels, stockings, etc., it can further improve the overall effect.


The three -point erotic lingerie of opening the chest and opening the chest is a very teasing underwear style, suitable for those women who are brave.When wearing, pay attention to the size and quality, and cooperate with the appropriate companion to bring the ultimate sexy experience and pleasure.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you may wish to consider this three -point erotic underwear with extreme teasing, inject more passion and fun into your sexual life.

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