Through pants in sexy underwear

What is thong

The thong is a sexy underwear. Unlike ordinary underwear, it is "T" behind it, that is, the two tubes are connected to a triangle below.(as the picture shows).

History of thong

The history of thongs can be traced back to the 1980s, and the development of the adult products market at that time provided an opportunity to emerge.The initial thongs are simple in shape and single in color, mainly used for wearing fun activities and private occasions.With the development of the times, the styles and colors of thongs are becoming more and more diverse, and it can evolve rapidly from definition to aesthetic products.

Classification of thong

Through pants can be divided into multiple types according to the material and use occasions, such as cotton thongs, lace thongs, high -waisted thongs, low -waist thong pants, and so on.Different types are suitable for different occasions. Consumers can choose according to their needs when choosing.

Feeling in thong

Wearing thongs requires a certain degree of courage and confidence, it also makes people feel very sexy.Through pants can not only be highlighted, but also create a seductive mystery and make you full of charm.At the same time, thongs are more close, so that wearers can show their figure more confidently and make themselves more attractive.

Who is suitable for pants

Through pants are a good choice for women with confidence and courage.Women with well -proportioned figures can choose a variety of different types of thongs to balance between sexy and wonderful.For women who are not very confident or are not well -proportioned, the thongs are recommended to choose thongs with simple styles and suitable sizes, gradually cultivate their self -confidence mentality to make themselves more beautiful and confident.

How to wear thong correctly

Pay attention to the following points in wearing thongs: First, choose thongs that are suitable for your body to avoid too tight or looseness.Secondly, wearing needs to avoid leaving no traces, or fade to the waist, affecting the image of the wearer.Finally, pay attention to the overall aesthetics when mating with a jacket and skirt to avoid improper matching.

Under what circumstances is not suitable for wearing thong

The wear of thongs requires certain confidence and courage. For some more conservative and implicit women, or some women who are not too well -proportioned, wearing thong pants may not be appropriate.In addition, some special circumstances, such as physiological period, pregnancy period, late menstruation, etc., are not suitable to wear thongs.

Cleaning and maintenance thong

When cleaning thong, you need to avoid severe scrubbing to avoid damaging the material. At the same time, you need to avoid soaking for too long and affect the quality of the material.It is recommended to choose a soft detergent during hand washing or machine washing.In addition, the thong is best to dry naturally in a cool and ventilated place to avoid exposure.

Combined with other erotic underwear matching

The thongs can be matched with his erotic underwear, such as close -up corsets and bracelet bras, etc., which can create a more charming and sexy effect.Similarly, when wearing thongs, you can choose a more transparent top or skirt for lace, tulle and other materials.

Market demand of thong pants

As consumers’ ideas are gradually open, thongs, as representatives of sexy fashion, have received more and more attention and welcome.For the adult product market and sexy underwear market, the market demand of thongs has always maintained a stable and increasing trend year by year.

in conclusion

As a representative of sexy underwear, thongs are fashionable and sexy and have certain market demand.You need to pay attention to some details when choosing, wearing, and maintenance of thongs. At the same time, combined with other erotic underwear, it can create a more charming and sexy effect.In short, choosing a style and a thong that suits you can make you more confident and beautiful.

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