Tmall sex lingerie shop name

Tmall sex lingerie shop name shop name

When Tmall opened a sexy underwear shop, an important problem was the name of the store.A good store name can attract customers and increase brand awareness.Store naming needs to follow the following principles:

1. Simple memory

A good shop name should make it easy for customers to remember, and simple naming can help your store traffic.People often record the easiest things, so if you choose a name that is difficult to remember, you may lose a lot of potential customers.

2. Good expression theme

The name of the store must be clearly expressed in some way.For sexy underwear shops, the name of the store should express this feature as much as possible to attract specific customer groups.

3. Creative

A good shop name should be attractive, so that potential customers can feel interesting and unusual.Creativity is very important, it can make your store name unique.

4. Avoid sensitive vocabulary

Tmall officially stipulates that the name of the store must follow relevant laws and regulations, and cannot use the information prohibited by the state or infringe on the legal rights and interests of others.Therefore, try to avoid the use of sensitive words.

5. Matching the domain name

Make sure the store name matches the top domain name.If your store name is too long or unspeakable, it is difficult to think of it, which will cause customers to find your website.

Emotional naming

Senior naming refers to the name of a sexy underwear shop with similar sounds or words and emotional resonance.For example, "Flower Heart Touch" and "Praise Red Lips" can create emotions, and it is easy to impress.

Ancient style

Ancient style naming refers to the name of the sexy underwear shops made of vocabulary or Internet hot words in ancient bodies, such as "Xianfu Tiaoyi" or "Royal Sister Talk", which can give people a sense of novelty.

English name

English naming refers to translating the name of sexy underwear shops into English.The English name can be fashionable and trendy, but pay attention to the accuracy of the translation, and do not have grammar or spelling errors.

Naming the letters

The name of the letter combination refers to the name of the sex lingerie shop made of a combination of letters or numbers. Generally, the names of such shops are shorter and more powerful.For example, XOXO, JY, FK, etc. can immediately think of some sexy elements.

Naming pinyin

Pinyin naming refers to the name of the Chinese vocabulary of the name of the sex underwear shop into a combination of pinyin.Pinyin names are suitable for strong identification, easy memory and good pronunciation, such as "Joong -V" or "SXYL".


No matter what method you choose to name the store, it is crucial to improve the customer experience.Good store names can make your brand more recognition and increase the interest of customers and brands.It is hoped that the above tips will provide practical help to the opening of Tmall’s sexy underwear stores.

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