Top sex underwear catwalk video


Interest underwear is not only a symbol of sexy, but also represents a pursuit of quality of life.In my eyes, top -level erotic underwear not only requires charming and moving, but also needs to reflect exquisite, comfortable, diverse design and fabrics, making people look like in endless sexual fantasy.Today, let’s enjoy the latest sexy underwear catwalk videos of various brands to see how they interpret the "temptation" to the fullest.

brand introduction

First, let’s take a look at the background of the exhibitors.Among them, lace flower garden is pursuing the perfect unity of women’s confidence, intellectual and elegant; admiration focuses on providing the most direct visual enjoyment, emphasizing the combination of sexy and luxury; Lou Leiqi is well -made, uniform, styles, styles, stylesFamous and famous.

classic black

Black -colored and sexy underwear has always been a classic in the classics. It is known as a representative of sexy and advanced, and has always been loved by women.In this catwalk, almost every brand has a black display.The lace flower garden is mainly French lace. It uses perspective, stripes and other elements to easily create beautiful geometric lines; I admire high -end champagne color, with sexy crystal diamonds and other embellishments, showing its luxurious temperament.The imitation denim prints with black with a vibrant visual impact.

White and fresh

Sexy does not have to be black, and white can also interpret sexy and elegant compatibility.In the catwalk, white is no longer limited to the wedding style, but incorporates more imagination and creativity.The lace flower garden replaces the dazzling decoration with lace lace, full of charming tenderness; love uses sequins, gauze, tulle and other elements to create a noble and fresh atmosphere;The design of the belt is cleverly integrated, adding more design ideas to the simple white.


As a popular element, embroidery flowers are used in sexy underwear.The petals of the lace flower garden are naturally clear, as if they are surging in the heart; I admire the three -dimensional petals and lace on the fabrics with perspective effects to create an exquisite and clear effect;Flowers, supplemented by details such as bow, have more three -dimensional sense and texture.

Leather & chain

Leather & chain -style sexy underwear has always followed a very rebellious route.Pure black leather corset and silver -white chain constitute a visual effect with deterrent and attractiveness.Lace Huayuan uses metal lace as decoration, forming a different chain style; admiration uses a relatively soft dark gold color to create a luxurious and exquisite leather texture; lace Leiqi adds lace, lace and other elements on the chain to the chain, Breaking the dullness brought by a single material.

Noble lace

In sexy underwear, the use of lace is extremely high, with sexy, soft, mysterious and other characteristics.Participating brands have also adopted different techniques to interpret lace more noble: French lace of "Lace Flower Garden" retains the traditional production process at that time, and uses golden threads and flowers to make lace more dazzling;"The lace is lighter, and the layers of stacked effects are more layered. The texture silk of" Lai Lei "with a large area of lace details is very suitable for women who want to be generous and elegant.

Perspective design

Perspective design makes sexy underwear more fashionable and charm.It can provide hidden sexuality and cater to women’s desire to play."Lace Flower Garden" shows the minor advantage of women with a perspective effect, and is also rich in three -dimensional; "Ai" uses a large area of perspective film, using a sexy stripe design, exuding a strong lustful atmosphere;"The perspective design is very blurred, which not only retains a sense of mystery, but also shows the perfect figure of women, attracting everyone’s attention.

Calmers & Bow

The lace and bow are also a common design in sexy underwear.How to make the lace more vitality, the bow is softer and elegant, which is also a big test for the designer’s craftsmanship and creativity.The lace shop of lace flower garden is unfolded to form a gentle prosperous, which makes people addicted; admiration uses European lace and easy -to -match beads to create a chic and stylish quality; lace Leiqi will bow the bow knotAs the main design element, it is matched with lace and shoulder straps to create a more relaxed and free feeling.

Diverse shoulder straps

The shoulder straps are particularly important in sexy underwear.Different shoulder straps can inspire women’s sexy at different times, enhancing the body curve and roundness.The shoulder straps of lace flower garden are personalized and decorated with elements such as tassels; admiration likes to use bow and rhinestone to make the shoulder more luxurious; Lou Lei uses a hollow shoulder strap design, which is both sexy and comfortable.Elegant masterpiece.

Point of view

Interest underwear is a reflection of women’s confidence, personality, and charm, and top -level sexy underwear brands pay attention to details, pursue comfort, and provide a reflection of diverse choices.In the catwalk video, each brand shows the charm of women’s multi -faceted charm in its own unique way.For women who love sexy underwear, it is necessary to try different brands and styles of underwear to challenge themselves.

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