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What is Yishu heron sex underwear?

Yi Shulu is a brand focusing on the design and production of sexy underwear. It focuses on creating sexy, high -quality and emotional and creative underwear series.It is positioned as an independent, self -confident, elegant and fashionable woman with underwear display platform.

Features of Yishu Lugo Loves Underwear

1. Promote free and personality underwear design.

2. Pay attention to details.

3. Select carefully on the material selection, and closely linked the trend.

Types of product products of Tosu Hero Intellectual underwear

1. Basic models: including basic flat mouth and triangular cup underwear, as well as basic T-back G-String.

2. Creative features: such as underwear with parentheses, cross -band underwear, hollow design underwear, and so on.

3. Affordable underwear with supporting toys.

The material selection of Tongshu sex underwear

1. Cotton: High comfort and good sweat resistance.

2. Nylon and amplores: good elasticity, good ductility and wrinkle ability.

3. Silk and lace: have elegant and sexy texture and texture.

Choose the one that suits you with you, the sexy underwear

1. Understand your body and choose the style and size suitable for your body.

2. Select different styles according to different occasions, such as more conservative gatherings, more sexy dating, and so on.

3. Pay attention to color selection and choose styles and colors that are suitable for your skin tone.

How to maintain Yishu heron sex underwear

1. It is recommended to wash it with hand, do not use the washing machine.

2. Avoid using strong alkaline detergents and bleaching agents.

3. Dry the underwear stand flattened, do not directly expose to the sun.

The price interval of Yishu Lugo’s Interesting Underwear

The price range is generally between 300 yuan and 600 yuan, and different styles and materials will have different prices.

Applicable crowds of Tosu Hero’s Instead

The applicable crowd is a woman who is independent and self -confidence, emphasizes personality and pursuit of creativity. It can also be people who want to increase interest, challenge themselves, and regulate emotions.

The sales channel of Yishu’s Interest Underwear

At present, Yi Shu Lulu Young Underwear can be purchased on the official website, or it can also be purchased on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao,

The market prospects of Yishu’s Interesting Underwear

As people’s demand for personality and interests continues to increase, the sex underwear market has great development potential.And Shushu’s sexy underwear will be positioned as a high -end sexy underwear market with its unique creativity and superb craftsmanship, and the future market prospects will become more and more wider.


Tosu’s sexy underwear is the first choice for women who pursue creative and quality. The brand charm and cultural connotation it contains are gradually accepted by the market.Whether pursuing sexy underwear or seeking creative and interesting underwear, Yishu’s sexy underwear can provide you with satisfaction.Go and choose your eunuch’s sexy underwear. Enjoy your interesting time.

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