Transparent sexy underwear fat MM200 catties

Transparent sexy underwear fat MM200 catties

With the development of the times, people pay more attention to the beauty of external images while pursuing health.However, there are differences between people. Some people are born with fat. Although they are very powerful in the spiritual world, they cannot cross the outer appearance.So how do these fat MMs want to put on sexy underwear sexy?This article will introduce the techniques of chose transparent sexy underwear in detail.

1. Choose the proper proportion of the proportion more to highlight the charm

The proportion of everyone’s body is different, so when choosing transparent sexy underwear, they must also pay attention to the proportion.If your upper body is full and the proportion of the lower body is relatively well -proportioned, you can choose the transparent sexy lingerie of the upper body with a longer pants or mini skirt with long upper and lower body, which will highlight your upper body curve and make you more feminine.If your lower body is obese, you can choose a low -cut camisole skirt, so that you can transfer the attention of others to your lower body.

2. The gauze fabric makes you feel different sexy

Choosing the fabric of transparent erotic underwear is also very important. Although cotton underwear is comfortable, it feels plain and has no sexy; and transparent gauze fabrics can make you feel different sexy style, and the transparent texture will not look you.The figure is more bloated.

Third, pink and tender colors are more beautiful

The choice of color is also crucial. The pink and tender transparent erotic underwear can make your mood more beautiful, increase self -confidence, and allow you to exude your beauty from your heart.

Fourth, sequin details make you more dazzling

If you still dare not try a transparent erotic underwear, then you can choose some transparent erotic underwear with sequin details, which will be more dazzling and will not look your bloated figure.

Five, long sleeves are transparent, be careful not to be ugly

For some fat MMs of the flesh, do not choose long -sleeved transparent sexy underwear. This will only expose your fat, but it will make you look more bloated.

Six, fish net socks reduce bad reviews

If you choose a low -cut camisole, you might as well match a Pisces net socks so that you can keep the sight of others not stay on your hips, and it will not make you look too obese, which can alleviate your bad reviews.

7. Use high heels to enhance temperament

It is also very important to use high heels when matching sex underwear.High heels can not only shape your body well, but also improve your temperament and make you look more feminine.

8. Do what you are good at, increase self -confidence

The self -confidence from the heart is the most beautiful place for you, so no matter what kind of transparent erotic lingerie you wear, to do more things you are good at, making yourself full of confidence is also very important.


Transparent sexy underwear can not be worn by people with slender figures. Fat MM can wear a suitable style to reach the effect of highlighting confidence and charm.Born in my material, a self -confident life makes us more beautiful.

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