Two -point erotic underwear map

1. Introduction to sexy underwear

Sexual feelings are a kind of underwear designed and sexy, catering to modern people’s pursuit of quality of life.It not only has basic protection functions, but also has outstanding beauty and unique charm, which can enhance women’s charm and self -confidence.

Second, the classification of adult erotic underwear

Adult sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types, including lace sexy underwear, bra -style sexy underwear, mini skirt sexy underwear, bikini -style sexy underwear.Each sexy underwear woman should choose in combination with their body, temperament, and personality when choosing.

Third, the matching skills of beauty sexy underwear

The matching of beauty sex lingerie is very important. Women can choose their favorite colors, patterns and styles, and cleverly match according to their own figures and temperament.Knowing the correct matching skills can better show women’s sexy, elegant and confident.

Fourth, sexual emotional fabric selection of fabrics

The fabric plays a vital role in the comfort, feel and quality of sexy underwear. It is best to choose breathable, soft, and skin -friendly fabrics.Common fabrics are silk, cotton baths, lace, etc. Women can choose according to their needs and preferences.

5. The style characteristics of European and American sexy underwear

The style of European and American sexy underwear is simple and generous, revealing a profound quality of deep, phototonic, and often combining metal, leather and silk such as a variety of materials, giving people a sense of luxury and personalized impression.

6. Sexual Emotional Fun underwear maintenance method

Sexual feelings must be washed by hand, and you cannot use washing machines to avoid damaging fabrics and shapes.When washing, pay attention to the types of temperature, water volume, and selection of washing fluid to avoid mixing with other items to prevent fading or dyeing.

Seven, the purchase suggestion of beauty sexy underwear

Before buying, you must carefully understand your body, temperament and needs, buy appropriate styles and sizes, and not follow the trend blindly, otherwise you will be embarrassing.When buying, pay attention to quality and hygiene issues, and choose the sexy underwear products of well -known brands.

Eight, sexy underwear wearing taboos

When wearing sexy underwear, women should avoid wearing too tight, too small or too large underwear, and do not expose their bodies too much; let alone wear in public places to avoid causing discomfort or adverse effects of others.

Nine, adult erotic underwear wearing skills

When wearing adult erotic underwear, women should pay attention to the methods and skills of wearing.Pay attention to the fit of the underwear and the skin. When wearing, the underwear cannot be folded or deformed, but also the sense of integration and harmony of the underwear.

Ten, sexy underwear is the charm representative of women

Interest underwear is one of the important elements that women embody charm and self -confidence.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear and wearing self -confidence and decent, it will become a charming spiritual wealth of women, showing women’s extraordinary charm and calmness.

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