Use underwear to make sexy underwear


Sex underwear plays an important role in sex games.Why not make a lot of money to buy expensive sexy underwear?This article will introduce how to use underwear to make sexy underwear while making you feel more fun and creativity.

Choose the right underwear

First of all, you need to prepare some underwear that is no longer used or idle.It is best to choose a style without sense, soft, breathable, and have a certain degree of retractability.Such as briefs, low -waist underwear, front -buckled bra, etc. are more suitable for making sexy underwear.

Decorative underwear

Various materials can be decorated on the selected underwear.Silk, lace, leather, chain, etc. can be used to DIY sexy underwear.You can also use diamonds, beads and other decorations to increase the gorgeousness of underwear.

Add red elements

When making sexy underwear, red is a necessary element.You can add red lace or small red bow to underwear.These can make your sexy underwear more attractive.

Add shackles and handcuffs

If you want to add a little more exciting atmosphere, you can consider adding some handcuffs or handcuffs.Tocking a person’s hands together to increase a unique feeling will definitely make your sexual life of your partner more satisfied and exciting.

Choose the right texture

When you choose to use some materials to decorate sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the texture of the material.Some materials may be too hard and too rough, which can cause discomfort to the skin.Therefore, choosing soft silk and lace materials can better protect the skin.

Try mix and match

Underwear can be mixed and match, the possibility of unlimited imagination.You can mix knitted and lace elements to show a simple and sexy temperament.At the same time, you can also choose the flashing film stitching to increase the fashionability of sexy underwear.

Understand the partner’s preference

When making self -made underwear, you must consider your partner’s preference.If your partner prefers to make a car and mysterious atmosphere behind closed doors, then black and purple sexy underwear is your best choice.If your partner likes a romantic atmosphere, then pink or red sexy underwear will be more suitable.

Design is in line with your own style

Self -made erotic underwear is not limited to conventional design.When designing, you can consider adding your favorite elements or prints to highlight the personalized style.Such as a dog and bear’s sexy underwear are more interesting than solid or fixed styles.

There must be any efforts to work before and after

Don’t give up the surface decoration, you ignore the comfort of underwear in actual life.Wearing comfortable and breathable underwear can create a more natural and comfortable sex atmosphere.Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the comfort of underwear.


Self -made sex underwear is a very creative and interesting process.It is not only to meet the needs of personal sexual life, but also to reflect its own personality style.Choose the right underwear and materials, add an imaginative creative element, and pay attention to the comfort of the underwear. These are important practical guidelines for self -made erotic underwear.

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