Vipshop Bi Jiaso sexy underwear model

Bigaro sex lingerie series landing Vipshop

On February 14, 2022, Vipshop announced cooperation with the famous global artist Picasso Foundation to launch the Bigaro sex underwear series.This is the first time that the Picasso Foundation has cooperated with sexy underwear brands. It is also a powerful test of Vipshop with the help of cultural art and new trends of sexy underwear.

Picasso’s family background and artistic style

Picasso, (October 25, 1881 -April 8, 1973), is one of the representative figures of Spanish painters, sculptors, printmakers, stage artists, and poets, one of the most important artists in the 20th century.One of the greatest representatives, Pandora artist.Its artistic style is changeable, and its contribution is to subvert the standard of painting at that time and create more forms of painting.

The development of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is a more avant -garde underwear category. It is favored by many people due to its sexy, unique, and new factors.Interesting underwear originated from family talent performance. At first, women wearing various styles of clothing performances, and later gradually developed into a business industry.Now it has become a representative form of fashion trend.

The design concept of Bigaro sex lingerie series

The design inspiration of Bigaro sex underwear series comes from his painting works, reflecting his artistic style from the aspects of lines, patterns, colors.Bigaro’s erotic underwear series focuses on detail processing and quality control, and more focuses on the integration of fashion and quality in design.

Vipshop Bi Jiaso sexy underwear model selection criteria

In order to show the style and characteristics of the Bigaro sex lingerie series, Vipshop has selected a number of experienced underwear models to participate in the event.Selecting standards not only focus on the appearance of the model, but also the model’s display ability and temperament.

Vipshop Bi Jiaso sexy underwear series style and characteristics

Bigaro sex lingerie series focuses on designing high -quality, high concentrations of fashion sexy underwear. It is matched with a variety of colors full of elements such as printing and lines full of artistic atmosphere, thereby creating a unique visual and touch experience.Vipshop Bi Jiaso sexy underwear series is divided into multiple styles, including suspenders, bellybands, printing, etc., to meet the personality needs of different women.

The sales price and target group of Bigaro sex underwear series

Vipshop Bi Jiasuo’s sexy lingerie series pricing ranges from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, mainly for people with good economic conditions, such as young white -collar workers and women with consumption power.At the same time, this underwear is also suitable for the use of couples, which can increase the interest of sexual life.

Bigaro sex lingerie series of the enlightenment of culture, art and sexy underwear industry

The launch of Vipshop Bicasso’s sexy underwear series not only proves that the combination of cultural art and sexy underwear can be realized, but also establishes a new cultural brand image for young people’s cultural and artistic connotation and needs to establish a new cultural brand image.This has also injected new development momentum into the erotic underwear industry.

Bigaro sex underwear series of the subversion and creation of the business model

Bigaro sex lingerie series is a subversive and pioneering of the traditional underwear industry. It integrates cultural art with new elements of sexy underwear, bringing new opportunities and opportunities to the industry.At the same time, other underwear brands have deep thinking about brand image and cultural connotation.

Vipshop Bi Jiaso sexy underwear series future development

The launch of Vipshop Bi Jiaso’s sex underwear series is destined to attract a new revolution that attracts the fun underwear industry.In the future, the innovation and development of Bicasso sex underwear will not only be limited to design and materials, but also pay attention to the application of quality and intelligent technology.Vipshop will also strengthen cooperation with high -end art brands such as Macaron and Vuitton, Louis to ignite a new round of cultural and artistic trends.

Viewpoint: The launch of Bigaro sex lingerie series for the revelation of the fashion underwear industry

The launch of Bigaro sex lingerie series has attracted widespread attention in the fashion underwear industry.It is not only an underwear wearing experience, but also a display of artistic position and the transmission of cultural connotation.We look forward to seeing more underwear brands to integrate lifestyle and social culture, design more fashionable underwear full of creativity and culture and art, and meet the growing personalized needs of consumers.The launch of Bigaro sex underwear is far -reaching, and it promotes the fashion underwear industry to move towards a more artistic direction.

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