Wear sex underwear DIY

Wear sex underwear DIY

Wearing erotic underwear can not only meet your sexy needs, but also increase interest and save some expenses.If you feel that ready -made sexy underwear cannot meet your needs, why not try to make yourself?Next, I will introduce you to some simple methods to DIY your own sexy underwear.

Choose the right material

Before DIY sexy underwear, the first thing to do is to choose the right material.Generally, materials suitable for sexy underwear are lace fabrics, silk, mesh, etc.These materials are both breathable and shiny, which can increase the fun factors.

Choose different styles according to needs

The style of sexy underwear is ever -changing, you can choose different styles according to your preference.For example, if you want to increase the curve of the chest, you can choose a triangular bra to create a perfect collarbone line.If you want to increase the temptation of your hips, you can choose a pair of high -waist underwear or thong to highlight the hip lines.

Measure the body size

Before making sexy underwear, you need to measure your body size.Because only the body size is measured correctly can we make a suitable sexy underwear.Especially the size of the bra must be measured very accurately to ensure that wearing is comfortable, and there will be no tight or loose band too tight or loose.

Draw a sketch before making

Before making fun underwear, first draw a sketch on the paper.Because the fabric cannot be tailored directly, you need to make it according to the sketch on the paper.And the sketch can be corrected and supplemented in time.

Bond replacement of suture

If you do not sew, you can try to use adhesives instead of suture.And during the bonding process, you can use scissors or scissors to simply trim it to suitable for your body shape and size.

Innovate patterns to increase creativity

If you want to make your sexy underwear more unique and creative, you can try to create some personalized patterns on the fabric.For example, you can add some unique tassels to the zipper, or embroidery your favorite pattern with gold and silver threads.In this way, even the sexy underwear made with the same material will become different because of different patterns.

Combine style and theme

When DIY sexy underwear, you can make different erotic underwear according to different styles and themes.For example, you can choose a Gothic sexy underwear or a sweet sexy underwear.However, we must pay attention to the fusion of themes and styles so that we can create a perfect sexy underwear.

Fine handling details

If you want to make a perfect sexy underwear, you need to work hard on the details.For example, you need to add loose tights on the waist, chest, shoulders, shoulders, shoulders, and sternum, so that the underwear can better fit the body’s lines.


In general, DIY sexy underwear is more interesting and creative than buying ready -made sexy underwear, and also saves a lot of expenses.However, before DIY sexy underwear, you must pay attention to choosing the right material, measure your body size, draw a good sketch, pay attention to the processing of details, so as to make a comfortable, beautiful, and unique sexy underwear.

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