Wear sex underwear for cool tide spray pictures

Wear sex underwear for cool tide spray pictures

Wearing a sexy underwear is a kind of sexy toy, which can enhance sexy, stimulate eroticism, and bring unusual sex experience.In modern society, making cool spray has also become a popular way of sex.Let’s take a look at how to wear sexy underwear to make it easier for you to achieve this goal.

1. Understand the principle of cool tide spray

The tide spray is a special form of a female orgasm. Its principle is that when the G point of stimulating women, the liquid in its body will be released, which will produce a phenomenon similar to male ejaculation.Wearing erotic underwear can effectively help you achieve the goal of refreshing spray.

2. Choose suitable sexy underwear

In order to achieve the goal of refreshing spray, you need to choose suitable sexy underwear.For those who have just started trying, you can choose simple vibration rods, jumping eggs, fingers and other products to assist stimuli.If you want more stimuli, you can consider choosing sexy underwear of the built -in vibrator, such as G -point stimulators, vaginal balls, stimulating honey, etc.

3. Put it in the right position

No matter what type of sexy underwear you choose, it is important to wear it in the right position.When choosing underwear, pay attention to the size of your body. After putting it on, adjust it to the right position to ensure that you fully come into contact with the G point and vaginal port.

4. Use lubricant

When using sexy underwear, be sure to use lubricating oil.Lubricating oil can make the stimulus smoother and comfortable, and avoid unnecessary pain.At the same time, lubricating oil can also cause a certain degree of stimulation to private parts, enhance sexy and pleasure.

5. Choose the right stimulus method

Different erotic underwear is suitable for different stimuli methods.The vibration rod is suitable for slight and short stimulation, and the sexy underwear of the built -in vibrator is suitable for long -term continuous stimulation.Properly choose the appropriate stimulus according to your own needs, so that you can achieve a better sex experience.

6. Moderate stimulation

No matter what kind of stimulation you choose, the degree and strength of the stimulus must be moderate.During the stimulus, pay attention to adjust the vibration frequency and strength of sexy underwear to avoid pain and discomfort from excessive stimulation.

7. Relax your body and mood

In the process of using sex underwear, you must relax your body and mood and enjoy the feelings and pleasure caused by stimuli.You can try to breathe deeply and relax your muscles to relieve tension and achieve better sexual effects.

8. Keep clean and hygienic

After using sexy underwear, you must clean up and disinfection in time to avoid bacterial breeding, causing infection and other adverse consequences.It is recommended to clean your hands and private parts before and after use to minimize the chance of infection of bacteria and germs.

in conclusion

It is a very exciting and enjoyable way to wear a tide spray in sexy underwear.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you, reasonably regulate the stimulus strength and frequency, grasp the balance of pain and pleasure, and keep clean and hygiene.Only by combining these factors can we fully enjoy the process and effect of wearing sex underwear for refreshing spray.

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