Wear sex underwear novels

Wear sex underwear novels

Chapter 1: Try for the first time

She walked into the sexy underwear bravely and saw all kinds of sexy underwear that made her a little shy.But the enthusiasm and patience of the clerk let her try a few, and finally chose a set of black lace underwear.

Chapter 2: Size and Quality

Pay attention to the size and quality when choosing a sexy underwear.Appropriate size can make underwear more comfortable, while high -quality fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship can improve the sexy level of underwear.

Chapter 3: Suitable occasions

Wearing a sexy underwear also needs to consider suitable occasions, such as when spending romance with a partner at home, or showing your charm at a party.

Chapter 4: Select color

Color is one of the important selection criteria for sexy underwear. Different colors can show different temperament and sexy levels.For example, black and red are classic, but the colors such as purple and green can also bring unexpected results.

Chapter 5: Style selection

The style of sexy underwear also needs to be considered, and different styles will bring different feelings.For example, chest pads and chest pads, two -piece, and two -piece sets, etc., you need to choose according to your body and preferences.

Chapter VI: Small Tips

The combination of sexy underwear and other clothing is also important. For example, with high heels or hanging sticks, the whole shape can make the whole look more sexy and attractive.

Chapter 7: Maintenance and cleaning

The maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear also need to pay attention to avoid blending with other clothes, choose suitable cleaning methods, and avoid deformation or damage of fabrics.

Chapter 8: Share with your partner

Wearing a sexy underwear can bring a romantic experience, and sharing with partners can also enhance feelings.But both parties agree and avoid inappropriate occasions and behaviors.

Chapter 9: Confidence and comfort

The most important thing in wearing sex underwear is self -confidence and comfort, and the inner feelings are more important than the appearance.Only in a state of comfort and confidence can we truly show the sexy charm of underwear.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Interest underwear is a way to show personality and sexy. You need to pay attention to choosing and dressing and decide according to your preferences.I hope that everyone can wear their own unique charm in a suitable occasion and psychological state.

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