Wear sex underwear sex novels

Wear sex underwear sex novels

In daily life, in addition to the basic dress, many people will add some erotic elements.Among them, sexy underwear is a very popular choice, which can not only increase the taste of life, but also increase sexual blessing.If you are also interested in sexy underwear, then this article will share some sex novels wearing sexy underwear, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Paragraph 1: vest sexy underwear

[h2] Slow dance starting [/h2]

The lady wore a vest sexy underwear, and her tight design showed her plump figure and charming curve.Her boyfriend stroked her side and felt her soft skin, and gradually slipped from her back to her hips.They were so lingering, as if they started a slow dance.

Paragraph 2: lace sexy underwear

[H2] Deep kiss [/h2]

This lace sexy underwear perfectly set off her slender curve and exquisite chest.Her boyfriend stared at her affectionately, and suddenly kissed.A affectionate kiss made her feel the strong desire of love.

Paragraph 3: hollowing fun underwear

[H2] Feeling his powerful body [/h2]

She was wearing a hollow and fun underwear to fully show her beauty and deep temptation.When her boyfriend approached, she felt the body of his Malaysian golden knife, which made her fall into a state of desire and blur.

Paragraph 4: lace and thin gauze sexy underwear

[H2] Want to tear [/h2]

She wore a set of sexy underwear with lace and tulle mixing and match. This mixed material increased the degree of exposure and made her body more sexy.The boyfriend torn gently with his hands, so that this set of sexy underwear fluttered in the air.

Paragraph 5: Visual impactful sexy underwear

[H2] Continuous integration [/h2]

The lady put on a set of black and red -colored sexy underwear, which made people feel a visual impact.The boyfriend stared at her seductive posture. The two continued to integrate repeatedly, making the relationship between the two more intimate.

Paragraph 6: Silk sexy underwear

[H2] The breath of penetration of the temptation [/h2]

She wore a sexy underwear made from silk, and her soft texture gave people a beautiful and noble feeling.The boyfriend smelled her breath, and couldn’t help but get intoxicated in the temptation of her.

Paragraph 7: Butterfly knotting sexy underwear

[H2] Charming action [/h2]

She wore a black butterfly to make a sexy lingerie, sexy and charming.The boyfriend suddenly caught her waist and held her neck.She cooperated with her boyfriend’s movement to make the atmosphere more intoxicating at this moment.

Paragraph 8: Spring Flower Open Instead of Instead

[h2] Speechless love [/h2]

The erotic underwear of this flower pattern is full of spring atmosphere, which makes people feel the power of life.Her boyfriend kissed her hair deeply, and her heart was full of speechless love.

Paragraph 9: Net yarn sex underwear

[H2] Sexy smile [/h2]

She wore a black mesh sexy underwear and leaned against her boyfriend while smiling.This sexy smile made her boyfriend fall into the instantaneous madness.

Paragraph 10: split sex underwear

[h2] The spark of love is up and it will be up. [/h2]

The woman showed her split sex underwear in front of her boyfriend, and her boyfriend kissed enthusiastically.With the enthusiastic movements, the sparks of love are on their bodies.

in conclusion:

Wearing sex underwear can stimulate emotional and sexual desire, it is a good way to enhance the relationship between husband and wife.Of course, this method of wearing should also pay attention to the occasion and mentality to avoid adverse effects.Let the sexy underwear give you a distinctive sex experience.

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