Wear sex underwear to the company

Wear sex underwear to the company

People often say that there will be a good mood when wearing what clothes.For women, in some special occasions, sexy underwear is a choice that makes themselves more confident and charm, but many people are also worried about how to wear fun underwear in daily work and life without losing generosity.The following will share some skills to wearing sexy underwear to the company.

1. Understand the company culture

Each company has its own cultural atmosphere, and some companies are more open, such as the office of the advertising industry or freelancers. In this case, wearing sex underwear can be accepted by the society.But if you operate a traditional company, or in work, you need to be more cautious, and you need to be more conservative.

2. Pay attention to underwear size and style

When you buy sexy underwear, you must choose the right size, and you can put it on your body more comfortably.At the same time, choose the style that is suitable for your body. Do not choose a style that is too bold and exposed to leave a bad impression.

3. With the color and material of the clothing

When selecting the color and material of the underwear, it should be paired with the color and material of the clothes.If the underwear has too many tassels, bundles, and other forms of decoration, these may be exposed outside the clothes, causing bad eyes and exposure.

4. Hairstyle and makeup should be adjusted accordingly

Pay attention to hair and makeup when wearing sex underwear. Because underwear can make people more confident and charm, it is necessary to make other characteristics more perfect.Different hairstyles such as bangs, curly hair, and straight hair can be adjusted according to their own characteristics and underwear style.Makeup is also the key. Before and after choosing underwear, you can choose usual makeup and exquisite makeup according to your own underwear and size.

5. With other clothing

When you are wearing fun underwear, be careful not to expose and over -makeup, choose the right accessories, such as a pair of beautiful high heels and small earrings.Before wearing a sexy underwear, it is best to try it in front of the mirror to see if you can match it.

6. Do the final check before going out

Before wearing a sexy lingerie, you need to do a good job of the final inspection to see if there are makeup tools, files and other necessities in your pockets and backpacks, and whether the underwear is comfortable, without any defects and flaws.

7. Moderate get along with colleagues

Going to the company in sex underwear should not only pay attention to themselves, but also avoid bad images for colleagues and customers.If you want to wear sex underwear on work, you must find moderate and balanced, and consider the feelings of identity, position and people around you.

8. Adjust the mentality

When wearing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to your mentality. Do you have to make yourself too nervous and strange, which will affect your body language and expression, which will cause the discomfort of others.To maintain confidence and learn to control your mentality and body language, so as to better enjoy the fun of wearing a sexy lingerie.

Regarding wearing a fun underwear to the company, my point is that if I can control my aura and professional sense, I think this is a way to highlight my confidence and temperament.Combined with the matching of product quality, material, size, and their own mentality and performance, wearing erotic underwear is sometimes more like a high -grade clothing dressing, not simply product display.

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