Wear sex underwear whipped beauty videos

Wear sex underwear whipped beauty videos

For some people, wearing sexy underwear and being whipped may be a exciting experience.This experience is displayed in many sexy underwear videos, and some people will try it by ourselves, but we need to do a certain understanding and understanding of this. The following will introduce the relevant knowledge of wearing fun underwear whipped beauty videos.

Physical conditions

Before the sexy underwear whip, you must understand your physical condition.First of all, if you have any heart disease or difficulty in breathing, then you should not try such activities.Secondly, if you have any skin allergic symptoms or damage to the skin, do not try.Some people choose to use analgesic agent to reduce pain, but it also needs to be treated with caution.

Pain and endurance

The focus of wearing sex underwear whipping is to experience the pain, and everyone’s pain and patience are different.If you are the first time you experience or the physical condition of the experiencer is not very good, it is recommended to gradually adapt to pain and slowly increase the strength and number of whipping, so as not to cause excessive fatigue.

Choose a whipping equipment

Before you perform sexy underwear whipping, you must choose the right whip equipment. You may wish to consult a professional at the adult sex products store.Remember, do not use a sharp whip or a heavy metal torture tool like a hammer, which will cause serious damage to the body.

Reasonable whipping part

When making a sexy underwear whip, choose the correct part.Common whip parts include hips, legs, arms, etc.But remember that the flesh on these parts should be rich to avoid being easily injured, such as bones and spine.


Before the sexy underwear whip, it is necessary to ensure hygiene cleaning.This includes not only the cleaning and disinfection of whipping equipment, but also pay attention to the cleaning of both sides.Wipe the equipment with a disinfectant and other cleaners and make preparations before use.

Safety first

In the process of whipping, keep a sober mind and calm mentality at all times to ensure safety.If it is affected or unexpected, it should stop activities and seek help from professionals immediately.


When performing sexy underwear whip, do not limit the flexibility of both parties, which is conducive to avoid unnecessary harm.Putting on a sexy underwear and clothing that suits you, this can make the whole process more creative and make you feel more comfortable.

Freedom of choice

Finally, we need to emphasize that wearing a sexy underwear whip belongs to a voluntary behavior, we must obey the voluntary rules of both parties.Before that, make sure you have all the details and risks of the sexy underwear whipping behavior, and are based on the principle of voluntaryness.


Wearing a sexy underwear whipping beauty video is a stimulating experience, but when it is underway, we must pay attention to safety and hygiene, and maintain a calm mentality and flexibility.This is also a kind of voluntary behavior, and the two sides need to understand and respect each other’s needs and boundaries.

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