Wedding erotic lingerie map to solve girls

What is a wedding sexy underwear?

Wedding sexy underwear is a sexy underwear designed for the bride. These sexy underwear usually has the characteristics of weddings.These underwear are usually decorated with various fabrics and lace, making the bride more charming at the wedding.These underwear also include lace lace, tulle, transparent lace, folds, and noble and elegant silk materials.

Classification of wedding sexy underwear

Wedding sexy underwear can usually be divided into two categories: exposure and minimalist.The exposure is suitable for those brides who are pursuing sexy temptations. The design mostly uses lace lace, sheet fabric, and part of the chest and waist decoration cleverly shows the sexy figure of the bride.The simple type pays more attention to the inner beauty. It usually uses transparent tulle, silk, light materials, and exquisite embroidery and decoration, showing the pure beauty of the bride.

Wedding sexy underwear recommendation

The following are the types of sexy underwear for wedding dresses, for brides to choose from:

1. lace lace wedding sexy underwear

This underwear is commonly decorated with lace lace, revealing the elegant but teasing side of the bride.

2. Transparent tulle Wedding sexy underwear

This underwear often appears in a simple design, showing the inner beauty of the bride with the characteristics of the light tulle.

3. Silk Wedding Instead of Innerwear

This underwear is often used in simple design, showing the elegance and nobleness of the bride with elegant and noble silk materials.

4. Fine shoulder -to -wedding wedding underwear

The design characteristics of this underwear are thin shoulder straps, suitable for relatively slender brides, which can show the bride’s slim figure lines.

5. Folding wedding sexy underwear

The design of this underwear usually uses folds, which can cover the lack of the bride’s body well, and at the same time, it can also show the softness and cuteness of the bride.

How to choose the right wedding sexy underwear

When choosing a wedding lingerie, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose comfortable fabric materials

The comfort of the wedding lingerie is closely related to the material of the fabric.Soft, breathable, skin -friendly fabrics, such as cotton, silk, lace and other materials, are more comfortable.

2. Pay attention to the size of the size

The right size can better show the beauty of the bride.Therefore, when buying wedding sexy underwear, you must accurately measure your body size and choose a size that suits you.

3. Pay attention to the style of the underwear

Wedding sexy underwear has a variety of styles, suitable for different types of brides.Therefore, when buying underwear, choose the style that suits you according to your body and personality. You must both cater to your taste, but also consider comfort and display effect.


In short, choosing a wedding and sexy underwear that suits you can make the bride more perfect and confident at the wedding.When choosing underwear, pay attention to style, size and fabrics to ensure the comfort and quality of the underwear.Finally, I wish all the brides can appear beautifully at the wedding.

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