Well -known French sexy underwear

Well -known French sexy underwear

Brand introduction

France is one of the birthplaces of sexy underwear brands, and its sexy underwear has always been known for noble, sexy, and mysterious.One of the most famous French sex lingerie brands isAgent ProvocateurIt is famous for its noble style and texture, exquisite handmade and craftsmanship, novel design concepts, and is famous.Other well -known brands are stillSimone PérèleandAUBADEwait.These brands generally use high -end fabrics, such as silk, lace and other advanced fibers to create the sexy and noble brand.

Style classification

French sex lingerie style is very rich and diverse, mainly divided into the following categories:

Coach: This underwear can easily improve the chest shape and make it more sexy.

Underpants: The bottom pants mainly pay attention to the comfort and shape of the hips. You can choose different styles on different occasions.

Lian Yanyi: It is a underwear similar to a swimsuit. It is very sexy and suitable for wearing in nightclubs.

Kimono: The kimono is composed of robes and belts, giving a classic and mysterious feeling, which is very suitable for the Japanese atmosphere night.

Belids: It is a sexy underwear, similar to the corset, but only cover the chest, and connects two bras with a strap.

Beauty sexy sheet

French sexy underwear’s beauty sexy underwear is especially suitable for women who are confident and willing to show their beautiful figure.Beauty erotic underwear is usually designed around the cup, which perfectly wraps women’s chest.It is characterized by transparent and sexy, showing women’s soft curves and mysterious atmosphere.In terms of color, black, red and white are often the most popular.

Sexy lingerie

French sexy underwear has a variety of sexy lingerie styles.This underwear focuses on the sexy of women, and has a stronger curve and the beauty of the figure.Their cups are usually designed very low, showing women’s sexy and charming.

Adult sexy underwear

Underwear designed by adult sex underwear is mainly designed to regulate the relationship between couples, usually adding fun and fun in the life of husband and wife.This underwear usually has socks, gloves, collars and whip, including various shapes and design open crotch underwear and explicit underwear.The material of adult sex lingerie is high, and it requires elasticity and comfort.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is often similar to French sexy underwear in terms of cups and fabrics, but has some unique designs.European and American sex lingerie usually has more party elements, such as tassels and lace, which is bright and vibrant in color, showing women’s enthusiasm and vitality.

How to buy French sexy underwear?

1. Pay attention to the size when buying, which is very important.It is best to try it out first to avoid the purchase of the underwear that is not closed.

2. View underwear fabric.Good fabrics can be comfortable to wear and lasting.

3. Whether there is quality assurance.The quality of some brands is very good, likeAgent ProvocateurandSimone Pérèlewait.

4. Price is not the only measure.The expensive underwear is not necessarily a good choice.


1. Before buying sexy underwear, you should first understand the brand and material.

2. Choose sexy underwear suitable for your style.

3. Keep the sexy underwear clean and replace regularly.

4. Sex underwear should be stored in a dry place and avoid mixing other colors of clothing.


French erotic underwear is famous for its quality and design. It has a variety of rich styles and series. It is not difficult to find underwear suitable for personal taste and needs.When buying, pay attention to the size, choose high -quality fabrics and brands, buy sexy underwear suitable for your own style, and give it appropriate maintenance.

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