What are the fun jackets like IT men like

The story of IT straight men and sexy underwear

Interest underwear is no longer a special item that is only suitable for specific people, occasions, and preferences. Now it has become a fashion trend.But is there such a trend among the IT siege lions who think of rational thinking and dislike fancy dress?Judging from the feedback of some market research, they seem to be more inclined to have more practicality, sexy and not too exaggerated.

Comfort is the most important

First of all, for IT straight men, it is very important to be comfortable throughout the working day.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, we must pay attention to comfort.For men with sensitive skin, the best choice is usually underwear made of cotton materials.

Sports style daper

Choosing a suitable sportswear underwear can keep straight men while maintaining a fresh sense of all day.Such designs often use moisture -absorbing and breathable materials and antibacterial fabrics, which are not only suitable for general activities, but also for physical exercise.

It looks ordinary, but it is not ordinary

For IT straight men, the exaggerated design is obviously not their dishes.They prefer to look ordinary but have elegant and have a certain texture style.For example, some simple and low-key T-BACK sexy underwear can show their taste and charm.

Low -key sexy

However, low -key does not mean not sexy.You can achieve low -key sexy through careful design.For example, the use of soft tulle or fog -surface silk, transparent lace and other materials to show the charm and sexy of women, which will not be too exposed but fascinating.

No marine underwear

Some simple colors and nude -colored non -trace underwear are also a good choice for IT men.Because the matching of these underwear will be more secretive, this style of underwear is often very suitable for men in a suit under work occasion.

Black -based tone style

Black is usually another favorite color of IT straight men, so there is no exception of underwear.Black underwear can silently add a sexy element to the appearance of such men, showing elegance and mystery.Moreover, because black is a universal color, the sexy underwear of this color is also very convenient to wear between boys and girls. It is a very good choice.

Color matching

Color matching is a very practical strategy, and many IT straight men have also fell in love with this wonderful design.By matching different colors, it can create a visual effect from low -key to obvious, so that men feel that the underwear that they match after carefully selection is very tasteful.

Exquisite and sophisticated details

Any small details can fully reflect the style of the sexy underwear.In the eyes of IT straight men, those underwear carefully made by designers will often be their favorite in their hearts, such as like embroidery, beads and bright noodles, or other underwear with strong emotional colors.

in conclusion

In general, IT straight men like good quality, simple, practical, low -key sexy and comfortable sexy underwear.The preference for these design is first based on their decisions of their age and personal preferences, and secondly, it is composed of colors, materials, and texture.Good erotic underwear can not only add charm to them, make them more confident, but also impress others.

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