What are the names of sexy underwear brands

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Before entering the text, I want to emphasize one thing: sexy underwear is a personal item, and everyone’s definition and understanding of it is different.This article only provides some guidelines for those who want to solve the lingerie brand, instead of what kind of sexy underwear to specify.

Foreign brands

There are many types of foreign sex lingerie brands. The following are several well -known brands:

Victoria’s Secret: Founded in 1977, it is a world -renowned female underwear brand. It is known for its sexy, noble and romantic style.In addition to sexy underwear, there are a series of comfortable and beautiful underwear and pajamas.

Agent Provocateur: Founded in 1994, it is one of the most representative female underwear brands in the UK. The product line covers different types of products such as sexy underwear, underwear, swimsuit, pajamas, pantyhose.

Bordelle: Founded in 2007, it is a high -end sexy underwear brand from the UK. It is known for its unique fish nets, straps and metal accessories.

Domestic brands

Domestic sex lingerie brands have gradually risen in recent years. The following are some more famous brands:

Queen’s Secret: Founded in 2004, it is the first domestic sex underwear brand. The design features are designed with silk fabrics, lace and broken diamonds.

Kailna Kailena: Founded in 2008, it is one of the earliest brands of high -end sexy underwear in China. It focuses on displaying materials, comfort, and styls, which can make underwear both fashionable and practical.

LuvMemore: Founded in 2010, it brings together sexy underwear design inspiration from the world to focus on the design of details, while paying attention to the quality and feel experience.

Domestic designer brand

In addition to the big brands, there are many domestic designers’ sexy underwear brands. The following are the more famous brands:

COFORTIA: With the starting point of women’s friendly design concepts, it creates a unique sexy underwear brand through professional design and handmade production. Its style is fresh and good, and is favored by underwear designers and fashion people.

Vijay Verma: It is one of the most famous sexy underwear designers in China. Its unique design style often has a strong artistic atmosphere, which is loved by underwear designers and fashion enthusiasts.

Dita Von Teese Lingerie: It is a sexual underwear brand launched by the famous American actor and model Dita Von Teese. It is known for its high -quality fabrics, unique design, and classic hook bones.

Chinese -style sexy underwear brand

Chinese -style sexy underwear is a type of popularity in China that integrates traditional cultural elements into sexy underwear design. The following are the more famous brands:

Huatian Wrong: It is one of the well -known Chinese sexy underwear brands. With fresh ladies and temperament women as the design concept, and a lot of Chinese style elements, it has created a sexy underwear that is lingering.

Sanmai Liren: It is a sexy underwear brand inspired by traditional Chinese culture. Its design style is novel and unique, and the brand is positioned fresh and fashionable.

Yuanhabi YHBP: It is a brand that combines Chinese traditional culture with modern art. The product is bright and artistic, so that people can feel a harmonious beauty in the world of Chinese and Western blending.


The development trend of sexy underwear in recent years is diverse. Different brands have their own characteristics in design, materials, and styles. New brands have emerged endlessly, and consumers’ choices are also richer and diverse.Different people have different preferences, so choosing sexy underwear brands need to depend on personal needs. Only by finding a brand and style that suits you can you better enjoy the fun and beauty brought by interesting underwear.

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