What brands of domestic sexy underwear are there

Domestic sexy underwear is part of the market that cannot be ignored in the market. With the increasing demand for sex and aesthetics, the sexy underwear industry has shown a booming trend.This article will introduce several well -known brands in the country’s sexy underwear for consumers for reference options.

1. Lafang

La Fang is a well -known brand in the domestic sex lingerie industry. It has a stylish product design and diverse style. There are various types of sexy underwear positioning in different consumer groups.And La Fang’s sexy underwear is also more affordable, and is loved by young people.

2. Yurun

Yurun is another large -scale sexy underwear brand. In addition to having its own designer team, there are many branches and agents all over the country.The brand focuses on detail modification. The sexy underwear is rich in models, and there are more products for female customers.

3. Riance

Riancy is a young sexy underwear brand that has been established shortly. In the shortcoming process, it became a leader in domestic sexy underwear.The design of Riance’s sexy underwear is novel and stylish, emphasizing neutral style, and provides a lot of choices for young people.

4. Japanese Rose

Although the name is "Japan", in fact, Japanese roses have become a domestic sexy underwear brand.It has extremely high tone and style is simple in Japanese.Popular elements such as mesh installation, caramel color system, and leopard print are common in their design.

5. Shangmei

Shangmei is a brand of sexy underwear. There are many people who sell for them. They are both men and women. Products try to integrate fashion style and sexy taste.In fact, Shangmei’s impression is always full of vitality, confidence and cuteness.

6. Gold color interest

Golden Erotic Fun is a multi -functional erotic lingerie sales brand. It has rich products in its products. It has designed a variety of different styles of sexy underwear for different needs.Gold porn underwear is well -made and cost -effective, and has been loved by consumers.

7. Pilot

The characteristic of pilots’ sexy underwear is fashion and pay attention to practical functions.Its product design is reasonable, not only carving the human curve, but also effectively modify body defects.In addition, product production is also very environmentally friendly, which is in line with the health and environmental consumption concept of modern people.

8. Flower

The appearance of Flower’s sexy underwear adds a lot of imagination to people’s sex life.Its design is inspired by Nordic, the smart pattern and light fabric are perfectly integrated with the delicate skin of women, and they are one of the irresistible fashion erotic underwear that modern women cannot resist.

9. Zly

ZLY sexy underwear is one of the first -class domestic boutique brands. It mainly focuses on natural and simple style, so that the taste of precious sexy and artistic taste flows in silk and lace.Compared with other brands, Zly’s style is more compact and delicate, combining the details of the East and the comfort of the West.

10. Love Concubine

Ai Fei’s erotic underwear is a brand based on creating delicate, dreamy and sexy brands.Various styles include French bras underwear and transparent production.Its product has a gorgeous color and sophisticated design, and it is first -class in terms of sexy or charm.

In short, domestic sexy underwear brands are not only a symbol of the industry, but also a cultural heritage.Although these brands have different styles and positioning, they can provide suitable products for different types of people and bring good feelings.Both consumers and industry practitioners should carry forward brand culture, enhance product quality, and create a better future.

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