What channels are there to sell sexy underwear

What channels are there to sell sexy underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually entered the lives of the public. With the gradual acceptance of consumers in sexual culture, the demand for sexy underwear has become higher and higher, and the sales channels for sex underwear are gradually diversified.In this article, I will introduce some common erotic underwear sales channels.

1. Online sales

Nowadays, the Internet has become one of the most important shopping channels, and sexy underwear is no exception.The major e -commerce platforms and sex products specialty stores provide a variety of sexy underwear products, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult sexy underwear, European and American sex lingerie, etc. It is not only convenient and fast through the Internet, but also canAvoid unnecessary embarrassment.

2. Sales of physical stores

In addition to online sales, physical stores are also a common channel for sex underwear sales.In physical stores and other physical stores such as sex products, there will be a variety of sexy underwear for consumers to choose from.Here, you can try it on to determine the style and size that suits you, and you can also get professional product suggestions.

3. Night Club Sales

The nightclub is also a channel for sex underwear sales.Some nightclubs will also sell sexy underwear at the same time as business. Here, consumers can choose the beautiful and cheap sexy underwear on the spot, and enjoy some promotional activities.

4. Sales in public places

Some sexy underwear dealers and individual households will rent some public places or street stalls for sales.This sales channel is relatively casual and free. Consumers can find their favorite sexy underwear at different times and places, but also pay attention to product quality and safety.

5. Social e -commerce sales

Social e -commerce refers to the purpose of using the social media platform to achieve the purpose of sales products through personal or team promotion and publicity.Under such sales channels, sex underwear sales providers will sell products through social media platforms such as friends, WeChat, and Weibo to enjoy lower marketing costs and better social channels, but there are certain trust issues and after -sales risks.

6. Agent sales

Agent sales are also a way to sell in sex underwear.The agent can specify the sales of the brand or the specified area through the cooperation with the manufacturer to obtain the difference or commission from it.In agency sales, pay attention to screening manufacturers and products, do a good job of after -sales service, and avoid funds and credit risks.

7. Cross -border e -commerce sales

With the continuous expansion of globalization, cross -border e -commerce has become more and more mature.At present, cross -border e -commerce sales of sexy underwear are mainly carried out in Haitao. Consumers can purchase sexy underwear for overseas brands through shopping websites or purchasing overseas brands.The benefits of cross -border e -commerce sales are preferential prices and rich types, but you need to pay attention to the size and quality of overseas brands.

8. Customized sales

The last sales channel is the custom sales of sexy underwear.Some brands and manufacturers will provide personalized customization services for sexy underwear. Consumers can choose styles, fabrics, colors, etc. according to their preferences and needs, and customize one of their own sexy underwear.

In general, there are many sexy underwear sales channels. Each sales method has their own advantages and disadvantages. Consumers can choose the way to buy them according to their needs and preferences.Good after -sales service.

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