What equipment does a sexy underwear factory need

What equipment needs to know about the love underwear factory

As the operator of the sex underwear factory, in addition to deep underwear design and production experience, talents and funds, it also needs to be equipped with some necessary equipment to help production and improve the quality of underwear. Let’s understand which equipment needs to be needed.

1. Underwear production equipment

The production of underwear is inseparable from computer tailoring machines, sewing machines, ironing machines and other equipment. These equipment will accelerate the production process and also improve the level of underwear.

2. Design software

For sex lingerie, design software is very important. They can help you create 3D models and design unique underwear.These software include Adobe, CLO 3D, Gerber, etc.

3. Production line management equipment

Underwear production involves a series of production applets, such as tracking production status, inventory tracking, and whether the production of underwear is made according to demand.Manageing these processes requires using advanced IT production line management equipment.

4. Underwear inspection equipment

The production of erotic underwear is inseparable from various QA processes, such as the consistency of size, color, material wearable, post -work inspection, etc. At this time, some underwear inspection equipment is needed to help us check whether the underwear is qualified, such as the clothing type setting machine, such as the clothing type,Underwear tablets, color difference meters, etc.

5. Material warehouse equipment

It is necessary to maintain a good tissue of material warehouse so that the materials that are required immediately when producing underwear.It is very helpful for fast processing and calling materials, warehouse management software and barcode scanning.

6. Sales management software

Sales management tools can be used to track customers, track orders, manage inventory, manage marketing and promotion measures.Many sales software contain many useful functions, such as automation, inventory tracking and automation of online sales.

7. Logistics equipment

The transportation process of sexy underwear may also need to use some logistics equipment, such as poured, air cushion bags, cartons, plastic bags, etc. These devices can greatly reduce the damage rate of underwear during transportation.

8. Computer and other office equipment

The sex underwear factory also needs some computers and office equipment, which are used by the managers and staff when dealing with other daily tasks.Of course, these devices will directly affect the company’s internal efficiency and production speed.

in conclusion

In short, the sexy underwear factory needs various equipment. These equipment can not only improve production efficiency, but also enhance the quality of underwear.This is one of the reasons why the sex underwear factory can lead the market.

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