What is the fun underwear for fat, comfortable to wear

1. What sexy underwear is more comfortable to wear?

Interest underwear can make women more beautiful and sexy, but for women with fat figures, they are often not comfortable to wear.If you do not choose the right style, it will not only affect the wearing experience, but also cause bad health effects, such as tightening the waist or chest excessive compression.So, what kind of sexy underwear should fat women wear more comfortable?

2. Points that you need to value when you choose a sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, many factors need to be considered, such as styles, materials, sizes, etc.When buying a fat body, she needs to pay special attention to the choice of size when purchasing.If it is not appropriate, it may cause discomfort or even pain.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the first point is to value the size.

3. Try to choose loose styles

For fat figures, choosing loose sexy underwear may be a better choice.This will not tighten the skin too much to avoid discomfort to the body.Loose style of sexy underwear is also more suitable for wearing at home, more suitable for leisure time.

4. Choose the style that does not tighten the waist as much as possible

Whether it is underwear or sexy underwear, tightening the waist will cause physical discomfort, and it is even more so for fat women.Therefore, it is recommended to avoid tightening the sexy underwear in the waist when choosing a style.You can choose a style with a slightly loose waist, which is more suitable for fat body women.

5. Choose a style with a slimming effect

Some sexy lingerie styles have a slimming effect, helping to make clothing more fit with the body, make the figure look more well -proportioned, and shape a beautiful figure.For fat figures, choosing this style will not be too difficult, and it helps to shape a beautiful figure.

6. Choose a softer material

For fat figures, choosing a soft material sexy underwear will be more comfortable.The sexy underwear of hard materials will increase the burden of fat body women, making the wear experience more unbearable.The soft -material sexy underwear does not scratch the skin, giving people a warmer and intimate feeling.

7. Avoid too tight sexy underwear

For fat women, wearing too tight sexy underwear often causes a lot of discomfort in the body.The tight underwear or sexy underwear will tighten the muscles and organs on the body to increase the burden on the internal organs, causing pain in the back, waist, shoulders and necks.Therefore, it is recommended to avoid choosing too tight sexy underwear.

8. Select a simple sexy underwear

Professional sexy lingerie styles are often fancy and diverse, but too fancy sexy underwear may make fat women feel strange and uncomfortable.It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear with relatively simple styles and relatively dark colors, which will make fat women more comfortable and comfortable.

9. Avoid too tight bra -style sexy underwear

The bra -type erotic underwear is easy to tighten the skin around the breast. Long -term wearing can easily lead to symptoms such as redness, swelling, swelling, and pain.For fat women, there are more fatty particles around the breasts and are more likely to be tightened.Selecting sexy underwear like a T -shirt may be a better choice.

10. Summary

In summary, for fat women, what erotic underwear comfort and aesthetics are equally important.Pay attention to the selection of the size, choose a loose style, soft material, a style with a slimming effect, avoid tightening the waist, and select a simple and dark sexy underwear, etc., to ensure a good dressing experience while ensuring the beauty.

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