What is the fun underwear in SM?

What is the fun underwear in SM?

1 Introduction

SM is an adult sex game. It is very different from traditional sex games. It contains more emotional and psychological factors.In SM games, sexy underwear plays an extremely important role.So, what is it to use in sex underwear?The introduction will be introduced below.

2. Increase interest

When you and your partner tacitly complete the porn game, the addition of sexy underwear will make the game more irritating and increase freshness.Different erotic underwear will bring people a different sense of excitement, so it is recommended that you try different types of sexy underwear when you occur to achieve better performance.

3. Highlight your body advantage

Interest underwear is a equipment that can highlight the advantages of the figure.For example, if you want to show your cleavage, you can try to wear a sexy lace underwear.Alternatively, you can try to wear a tight -fitting chest skirt to shape the praise of the waist.In SM games, the huge advantage of the body can bring great stimulation to the game.

4. Show self -confidence

Although most sexy underwear is designed to show the body, they can also bring self -confidence to the wearer.This is because when people see their beautiful sexy underwear, they feel the most charming, so as to gain a strong focus of confidence, making people easier to enter the role of SM games.

5. Protect your privacy

During the SM game, some people think that traditional sexual ways are too straightforward.At this time, sexy underwear can protect your privacy to the greatest extent.If you don’t want to withdraw all your clothes, you can still enjoy the excitement process.Wearing sexy underwear can also hide a part of the body part of the body you do not want to show, so as not to be fully exposed.

6. Increase game time

The length of the SM game can be determined by your and your partner.Usually, sexy underwear can increase the time of SM games.Because sexy underwear allows people to enjoy the jokes and running -in time before the strip pants, thereby increasing the game time and pleasure.

7. Increase communication and trust

In order to enjoy the fun of SM games, people must have enough trust and communication.One person’s comfort may be different from another person. Wearing sexy underwear can make this communication easier, thereby ensuring that the game process is smooth.

8. Suitable for all kinds of hobbies and proportions

Interest underwear has a style suitable for all body shape and preferences.Large, trumpet, fat, thin, plump, compact, as long as you can find a style that suits you, you will get the greatest pleasure from wearing.And this diversity makes sexy underwear the most common sex game accessories that can be possessed.

in conclusion

To sum up, sexy underwear is an essential part of SM games.They can increase game time, increase pleasure, increase trust and communication, not only protect your privacy, but also allow you to show your body advantages and improve your confidence in the game.No matter what kind of SM game you like, as long as you try sex underwear, you can add a lot of stimuli to your game experience.

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