What is the sexy underwear jumping egg

What is the sexy underwear jumping egg

Sexy underwear is a fashion of modern women’s hobbies, a product that embodies women’s sexy.In the market, there is a special model of sexy underwear -jumping eggs and sex underwear. This sexy underwear has a small vibrator, which is usually called jumping eggs.So, what is the sexy underwear jumping egg?

1. What is sexy underwear jumping egg

Interest underwear jumping eggs are a sexy lingerie style containing small vibers. The vibrator is usually designed in the vagina or clitoris, which brings stimulation by vibration to achieve the effect of orgasm.Jumping erotic underwear is usually composed of two parts: underwear and jumping eggs. The appearance of the jumping eggs is round, ovate, square and other different shapes. Choose the corresponding shape and size according to the personal needs of women.

2. Suitable for the crowd

Fun underwear jumping eggs suitable for women who want to experience orgasm and sexy passion, and are also suitable for women who enjoy sex freely.In addition, sexy underwear jumping eggs are also a stimulus method in the sex life of husband and wife, which can make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious.

3. Function

Fun underwear jumping eggs can help women reach more peaks in masturbation or sexual life. While irritating organs, they can also increase women’s sexual desire and sexual sensitivity, improve the quality of sex, and be better.

4. Vibration

There are two types of sexy underwear jumping egg vibration methods: single mode and various modes.A single mode is that there is only one vibration strength, and the vibration strength of various modes can be adjusted freely. By changing vibration, rhythm and frequency, it achieves different sexual pleasure of women.

5. Vibration intensity

The vibration strength of sexy underwear jumping eggs can be adjusted.There are generally several gears in the vibration strength of the egg jumping egg. You can choose according to the needs of women. It can also slowly improve the vibration strength to achieve a stronger sexual pleasure.

6. How to use

The use of sexy underwear jumping eggs is very simple, usually inserting jumping eggs into sexy underwear, and controlling it by cable or remote control.

7. Cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear jumping eggs are crucial. First of all, after use, the underwear is cleaned to avoid the effects of residual bacteria on physical health.In addition, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the jumping eggs regularly to avoid bacterial breeding and affect health.

8. Note

When using sexy underwear jumping eggs, you need to pay attention to some matters. First of all, you need to use a special battery to jump eggs to increase the safety of use through quality assurance batteries.Secondly, do not use it for a long time to avoid the effect of excessive fatigue.Finally, it is necessary to choose products with quality and safety guarantee to ensure the quality and safety of use.

9. Product selection

In the market, there are many different styles of sexy underwear jumping eggs. When choosing, you need to consider your own needs and tolerance.You can choose from the aspects of brand, price, and functions.

10. Value

Interest underwear jumping eggs are not only a sex toy, but also a product that can add interest and improve the quality of sex.In the case of appropriate use, sexy underwear jumping eggs can bring more fun to women and husband and wife life, improve the happiness and satisfaction of life.


Interest underwear jumping eggs are a sex toy made of technology and design.Before use, you need to read the instructions and how to use it carefully, and choose the product correctly according to your own needs.The cleaning and maintenance of the jumping product is equally important. It can be disinfected and maintained through the correct method to extend its service life.Interest underwear jumping eggs are worthy of investing, which can bring a better sexual life experience.

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