What kind of sexy lingerie is suitable for legs

What kind of sexy lingerie is suitable for legs

Vest sexy underwear

Women with thick legs do not like their upper body and their lower body at the same time, which will make their legs even thicker.Therefore, vest sexy underwear is the best choice for ladies with thick legs.The vest sexy underwear can perfectly outline the lines of the upper body. By the way, it can also have the effect of waist, making the curve more exquisite.


Baoxu sexy underwear can highlight the hip curve and disperse people’s attention to their legs. For women with thick legs, wearing bags of hip -hip lingerie can transfer the center of gravity of the body to the hips, making the legs look visually slender.

High -waist T pants sexy underwear

The design of high waist T pants’ sexy underwear is just right. It can forcely outline the waist lines, while covering the fat on the waist and abdomen, making women with thick legs more confident.

Drain+strap sexy underwear combination

Women with thick legs wear bras+band sexy underwear combinations, which can not only tighten the effect of the chest, but also disperse people’s attention to their legs, support the upper body while covering the belly of the waist and abdomen.Match.

Fish.com sexy jelly

Fish.com’s sexy underwear can be worn freely and comfortably, and the breathability is very good, which is very important for sweaty legs.In addition, the material of Yuwang can increase some small sexy and enhance the charm of wearing. It is a very practical sexy underwear.

Belly -belly sexy underwear

Belly -belly and sexy underwear can have the effect of body shaping and reduce the area of the abdomen. It is a very suitable choice for women with thick legs.Belly -belly sexy underwear is thick, and women with thick legs are also easy to cover up fat. It is a practical and aesthetic sexy underwear.

Sleeveless sexy underwear

Sleeveless sexy underwear can visually stretch the lines of the upper body, let people’s eyes shift to the upper body and face, and disperse the attention of legs. It is a very suitable sexy underwear for thick legs.

Lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear highlights sexy and gentle. Whether in color matching or fabric texture, lace sex underwear rarely errors.In addition, the lace erotic underwear is more focused on details, shaping and texture compared to other underwear, reducing the limitations of the body, and it is very suitable for improving self -confidence and coarse women who wear quality legs.

Cutting simple sexy underwear

Too complicated and exaggerated erotic underwear can easily attract all people’s attention to wearing, and this is not the best choice for women with thick legs.Therefore, the simple tailoring, smooth lines, and soft fabrics are more suitable for women with thick legs.

Thickened sexy underwear

Thick -style sexy underwear uses thick fabrics and materials, which can better cover the leg fat and make rough legs more assured and confident in dressing.


Wearing sexy underwear allows women to have more self -confidence and beauty. When the legs are thick, women can choose the design of hips, vests, high -waisted T pants, bras+suspenders, etc. to avoid too complicated and exaggerated styles.Make yourself more comfortable and confident in dressing.At the same time, you can choose the design of the fabric and material of the sexy underwear, you can choose the design of thick styles, lace fabrics, fish nets, etc. to improve the quality of wearing and highlight the charm.

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